Thursday, August 4, 2011

You sunk my Battleship...

I saw Battleship preparation when I was in NOLA last October. In my agenda book, I saw it was supposed to come out soon, but apparently I missed the memo with the new release date of May 2012.

Longer wait for Alexander Skarsgård *le sigh*

That boy is all kinds of sexy! At least I get my weekly fix on True Blood, and lately, he has been especially yummy, all nice and naked as Eric with Sookie... RAWR!

But I digress... I wanted to share the trailer for Battleship as well as some photos from set in NOLA last October....

There are more on my facebook: Mandy S Mind.

Also in pre-production at the time was Breaking Dawn.... so I posed out side the studio after chatting with the security at length.

Battleship Trailer:

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