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Reality TV Update August 3, 2011

There is a lot going on this week in reality tv so let's get right to it.


Ashley chose JP, this wasn't a surprise as they had been spotted together by tabloids weeks ago. I still really wanted her to pick Ben so JP could be the next Bachelor, but what's done is done. I dislike Ashley EVEN more now after she let poor Ben get down on one knee and propose. Heart-wrenching! The after the final rose was good, nice to see some of the men return, though no clear indicator on the next Bachelor. Was looking like Ryan for a while, but they didn't announce it and they focused a lot on his negatives, so who knows.

Great promo for Bachelor Pad which starts next week - I can NOT wait. I really think the show is better than Bachelor/ette because it's everyone reunited with baggage and resentment and greed... for love or money. It is crazy how incestuous the Bachelor/ette family is. DRAMA ... and great tv.

Hells Kitchen

I have to say Elise must only be there for drama, as she is not a good cook, or a nice person. Yes, Carrie is ditzy and slow, but she can cook better than Elise! During compeition Elise veto's Carrie's dish without tasting which cost them the win in the end, allowing the blue team to go to the spa. We gt two episodes a week vs one two-hour episode a week like last season. On Monday Krupa served strip loin as veal during a competition, then during service had soupy risotto and undercooked pasta, a train wreck! In the end Gina went home. The next night, not surprisingly was Monterray. I do have to say I enjoyed the Blue win on Tuesday night, yaht party with plenty of booze - was hilarious fun watching Natalie as the only female, mingle with the boys! I was surprise also that Elizabeth stayed - she was the red team rep who met with the high school reunion committee. The committee told the cooks HAWAIIAN THEMED - - - Elizabeth runs back and says "ASIAN THEMED" she is a complete idiot!

Master Chef

I am not a Christian fan, his ego is just too much! I really do love Jennifer for putting Christian in his place. Monday we had the feeding children episode where Christan bossed his team (Adrien, Derrick and Jennifer) around and lost with a turkey burger and apple fries with carmel sauce. The other team (Tracy, Ben,and Suzy, led by Christine) worked together and had a chicken nugget burger with ranch and lettuce along with corn fritters. Despite Ramsay's criticism of the food being too greasy and deep fried, they won the most votes from the kids. In the Pressure test they made a cheese souffle and much to my dismay - everyone stayed. Tuesday's episode, however, two went home and after re-creating Ramsay's favourite childhood dish of tomatoe soup and grilled cheese, it was Christine and Derrick that left us.


What a week! I did a complete blog on the performance show here, as well as the result show here. I was, as you will read, in complete shock at two of the bottom three couples! Tragic to send home such talented dancers already!

Take the Money and Run

This new show looked great in previews and after the extended promo iduring the Bachelorette Finale, I was hooked! I still can not believe the brother cracked under pressure - my husband and I watched together (this is rare, he dislikes 80% of the shows I watch, especially anything "reality") and we discussed all of our strategies if we were on the show... mwahahaha Of course in watching we kept saying "I'd have done this" or "they should've done that" or "i could do that better"

Big Brother

Tonight CBS aired the veto results. I have live feeds so I am constantly blogging spoilers (under a cut so as not to piss off people who want to wait to see it on television) but I dont get to see diary room sessions or competitions, so tonight's show was really awesome! I am so much more aware of editing for tv now that I have live feeds and then watchi the shows version of what is going on... very interesting! Brendon and Rachel are on the block, Brendon won POV and pretended he would use it on himself, but really used it on Rachel... thinking he would "trick" everyonw (he did, they believed he was taking himself off) but in reality Dani wanted Brendon gone, so really, things are still going as plan, the replacement nominee was Jordan, who no one will vote out - she is too nice, friendly and she is a great person to take to final two since she has already won before and I highly doubt a jury would award her money again - unless she was up against Rachel LOL American loves to HATE Rachel!

Some live feed details I have learned are here.


Tomorrow night is the results show and I am nervous for the final 6. Who will make it to the finale. To be honest, Rickey and Caitlynn are the two I would send based on the whole season, but tonight, everyone brought it HARD so we shall see!

I really loved Marko and Caitlyn's piece by Sonya as well as Mel and Tadd's piece with the mirror. Twitch and Mel were amazing together also! I adore Mel and have been rooting for her to win for weeks. But Sasha and Kent were amazing together! Best solo was Mel also! I think it will be Marko, Tadd, Mel and Sasha as Top 4 - we shall see!

Storage Wars

I don't usually write on this but tonight Barry got a unit for $1500 and ended up with a $6000 "head" I like Barry because he collects... and because he wears those sexy skeleton gloves ha ha

I am NOT a Dave fan and Dave Jr. is even worse, but I have to say that I enjoyed learning why he is such a bully... when he bid HARD against the "stranger" that was his brother, who he allegedly trained and who ditched him!

Love in rhe Wild

Brandee and Ben who almost went home last week came in last this week after he continually put her down and insulted her. The adventure itself was entertaining as they searched for masks by going through various hikes and trails on horse, mud slide and so on. I felt bad for Brandee she is sweet, and when Steele started tos how interst in her over Erica I was hopeful, I have never really been a fan of Erica. Mike and Samantha who came in first stayed together, as did Miles and his partner and Theresa and her partner. Steele indeed DID ask Brandee to pair up and she declined his offer! Then Erica asked Steele back and he still said no, leaving them both in the unmatched area! Ben then asked Erica who said no... In the end all 4 went to the unmatched area and all went home! I wish Brandee would have stayed and accepted to go with Steele at least for another week - ah well!

Toddlers & Tiaras

I hate admitting that I watch this... I saw it once a while back and was disgusted, but somehow in the last few weeks I have stumbled upon itmore often (ok I set up a series record after catching a hilarious episode) and now I am sort of hooked. It is like a train-wreck, you can't look away!

Jersey Shore

Speaking of Train Wrecks, Jersey Shore just finished filming on seaside for NEXT season, meanwhile the Italy season begins tomorrow on MTV. This is ridiculous! I mean they are jamming as many seasons as they can in before people figure out these guys are IDIOTS and NOT WORTH THE TIME! That being said, I am addicted... it's sad and pathetic I know! But there is drama and fighting and stupidity - what's not to LOVE hating in a relaity tv show? ha!

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