Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I have learned from Big Brother Live Feeds


CBS really edits things to manipulate the viewers opinions. Which is to be expected but it really is shocking. I mean I have always loved Jeff & Jordan, and I still do, but I have realized they are not perfect *gasp*

Jeff is kind of rude and cuts her off and puts her down, though she doesn't seem to mind. He also swears a lot, farts a lot and is pretty cocky. He actually went on a rant about Harry Potter's headmaster, Albus Dumbledore originally being gay or something - I missed the live feeds and have chosen NOT to flashback and watch it for fear I will hate Jeff for being homophobic.

Jordan really is amazing, albeit slow. Her and Jeff are great together. He thought hippos were pinkish purple in real life - just like the cartoons. She didn't know what nocturnal meant, and a game of 20 questions to guess what animal a houseguest is thinking of is always entertaining when these two play. Overall, Jordan is very sincere and loyal and sweet! I hate when people say she rides coat tails or is a bad player... I think her game is to be sweet and have people do things for her and let her slide... and it works for her!

Lawon is quite boring most of the time, as is Adam, but on the show thye seem so energetic and entertaining... true those moments happen but they are few and far between and seem to be shown on tv as though it is who they always are.... not so much! I do appreciate Lawon's theatrics and Adam's love and knowledge of the game, though he really should start playing!

Brenchel aka Rachel and Brendon are actually MORE fucked up than tv shows them to be. Is that possible? Believe me it is! I can't even stand it - he is so emotionally abusive and controlling, he gets mad at her for being upset... I am NOT a Rachel fan, far from it, but I hate Brendon EVEN MORE for making ME feel BAD for Rachel! They are so toxic together, it is sickening to have to wtch on live feeds, it is like witnessing a crime! Horrific!

Kalia is the most annoying person in the house, moreso than Rachel and THAT is saying something! I am not saying this because she is "fat" in fact, I don't see her that way since the other girls are so tiny, I imagine Kalia is actually quite average weight... but she is indeed a pig! She talks non-stop at rapid speed, never stops eating (often spitting food out of her mouth as she talks) and shares disgusting details and habits such as peeing in the pool or at the spa, vaginal troubles and other details no one really wants to hear! She has this "hair phobia" yet pees in pools and sleeps in Dani's bed? She raids the HoH's food basket, who ever is HoH and no matter what is in their basket. She claims she is soo full then goes to another room to eat, she worries she isn't eating enough then sucks and licks her fingers dry, chomping and slurping in the mic as she cuts someone off from talking. She disgusts me and annoys me and I just do not like her!

Shelly is a snake. She plays both sides of the house and has since day one. Yes she has a deep voice and resembles David Spade, but that doesn't bother me. What bothers me is how she is constantly cleaning obsessively and fake complimenting houseguests using their insecurities against them. She offers unsolicited advice and I am glad that FINALLY people are on to her schemes. It is so transparent to viewers on live feeds, but for some reason the Houseguests were oblivious until recently.

Dani - I hated her in BB8 because she showmanced up and whined about her dad non-stop "this is so frustrating" This year she was better and I thought it was just her daddy-issues that made her so whiney but turns out that her daddy-issues are only part of her problems. She almost showmanced up with Dom this year and is equally whiny... "this is like, so totally, lame" At least she is pulling some "power moves" to keep the season entertaining and gets drunk easily

Bottom line - Things are never what they seem thanks to the magic of television editing!

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