Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Collider interviews Tinsel Korey

In The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, actress Tinsel Korey reprises her role as Emily Young, the fiancee of Wolf Pack alpha Sam Uley (Chaske Spencer). As part of another love triangle in the film – this one between Emily, Sam and his ex, Leah Clearwater (Julia Jones) – the storyline brings a heightened tension to an already more intense film.

During an exclusive chat over coffee at a Hollywood Starbucks, Tinsel Korey talked about playing a visibly scarred character, seeing herself in the make-up the first time, what it was like to work with Kristen Stewart and all the guys in the Wolf Pack, and realizing just how big the Twilight saga had become when she heard Oprah talk about the films. She also talked about playing a schizophrenic serial killer in the upcoming indie Stained, and how she hopes to do more comedic roles in the future. Check out what she had to say after the jump:

Question: How did you originally get involved with the Twilight films? Did you just go on an audition?

Tinsel: Yeah. My little sister told me about the Twilight books and what a big fan she was. She said, “It’s like Harry Potter in love,” which it’s not. So, when the audition came up, I wanted to get the film for her. It was great because I got to take her to the premiere. She got all dolled up and was treated like a princess for the day. But, yeah, it was just the regular audition process. There were a couple people telling me about it and that they were looking for the actors, but my manager is pretty good at sorting that out. And, (casting director) Rene Haynes cast me in Into the West, and she’s always kept in touch and been a real big supporter of my career.

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