Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday is Vampires, Wolves and Witches? oh my!

Sunday's were previously known as True Blood Sundays though I did check out the nw ABC series The Gates last week and have added it to my Sunday SChedule. Both shows have vampires, wolves and other mythical creatures yet to be explored or revealed.... exciting.

Let me start with my fave, True Blood.

ok so this season looks like it will address Sam's past, were-creatures, and developing Sookie's bond with Eric while throwing a massive barrier between Sookie and Bill.

So far we have had a ton of new characters introduced.

To keep track (though it may give a bit of spoilers as it lists all upcoming characters) you can read my post here.

I felt like tonight's episode was the most disturbing.... if you haven't seen don't read...

First of all Tara's Eye fluttering sex was uncomfortable to wach... thought James Frain, who plays Franklin, has this unusual appeal... he is not your typical sexy but I really am digging him as the new vamp in town.

Second, Bill and Lorena's disfunctional sex scene ended the show on a disturbing note. Not just because they did the deed, but the neck twisting was strange and the wide shot showing her body lying on her back while her head was twisted right around facing down.... disturbing.... but Mariana Klaveno (who plays Lorena) is perfect for the role, I actually hoped she'd burn worse after the end of last episode.

What I loved about the episode was Pam... I always love Pam but I as glad to see her sassy 'tude towards Jessica calling all the while actually getting some action.

Every scene with Eric is a win.

I am glad to be meeting all these were's and loving the new sexy faces.

I am excited to see where this season goes.

NOw, as for The Gates, I thought the pilot was intriguing. This week was even more confusing because there are a ton of characters I cant kee track of yet and some odd happenings, mainly the teenaged girl with weird symptoms and the bizarre disappearances and hidden secrets of each family.

Again, I am into it enough to keep watching and see how it goes... I will keep you posted - next Sunday is the 3rd episode so we shall see.

Sunday Nights are deffo fun with all the vampirific television shows.

Did you watch?

Wat did you think?

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Anonymous said...

i'VE been watching the gates too from the beginning, the actress playing the vampire, was also in underworld, rise of the lycans with michael sheen, and he played a werewolf, pretty funny eh? but anyhoo, it's pretty weird, and graffic, wonder when they are going to find that contractor they left in the woods. What the hell is a sucubous,(spelling) weeeooooooo (spooky sound)