Saturday, July 3, 2010

Twilight Cast visit fans at Eclipse Shows

Friday Night has several cast at theatres across North America:

Charlie Bewley in Mn

Cameron Bright was in Atlanta

Kiowa Gordon=Las Vegas

Tinsel Korey was in Nashville

Julia Jones was in Chicago

Dakota Fanning was in Los Angeles

Justin Chon in Orange County

Tyson Houseman was in Vancouver

Gil Birmingham was in Kansas City

Here's what Twilight Lexicon posted:

Appearances that are scheduled today and tomorrow:

Peter Facinelli=Hawaii

Tinsel Korey=Phoenix (aacording to Tinsel’s Twitter)

Jodelle Ferland=New Orleans

Ashley Greene=Jacksonville

Charlie Bewley=New York (According to a comment to a fan in Minneapolis) (No idea if that is the Long Island or the NYC sites)

[Source: Twilight Lexicon]

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April said...

Pretty sure Liz Reaser was San Francisco. My friend works for a "reputable" hotel in SF where he escorts all the celebrities and she checked in Saturday and he escorted her to her room :)