Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Monday! It's Eclipse Week!!

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a spectacular weekend! Mine was busy but fun!

Lot's of posts from the weekend so scroll down to catch up.

I did a True Blood and The Gates post, some magazine scans, news about our fave cast and some upcoming projects and lot's of photo-spam.

ALso remember Eclipse is out this week (DUH!) If you live in Vancouver get tickets to all three shows HERE!!!!!

What are your plans for Eclipse Day? I remember New Moon Day I dyed my hair dark, went for food at Rob's fave resturant in Vancouver (Glowbal), went to the spa, partied at our New Moon Pre-Party, then saw the 10pm showing!

For Eclipse I know we are doing the triple feature starting at 6:30pm but before that I don't know yet... my hair is already dyed (back to blonde) so I think lunch and some spa time is in order non?

Also this week the next draws for prizes for those who donated to my blog over the past month. You still have time....

Donate to Mandy's Mind to win great prizes

Here we go another week.... at least we have Eclipse, Canada Day, 4th of July and hopefully some sunshine no matter where you are!

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