Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse IMAX

I went to see Eclipse for the 3rd time today and |I brought my husband and daughter. It was my first time viewing as IMAX and here are my thoughts:

This movie has a lot of close-ups

I didnt realize it in regular theatre, but on IMAX it was very obious... there are a lot of close-up shots which is nice because the picture is crip and clear but the idea of IMAX to me is more wide shots of everything... not that I am complaining about seeing Robert Pattinson that big, nor did I mind Taylor's abs that clear and big.... but I just don't think it's really an "IMAX" movie.

Action Shots were intense

I knew how intense the fight scenes were and also heard that in IMAX thispart was challenging to watch so I sat as far back as possible and it was ok. A lot of looking around across the entire screen to see different parts.

Scenery is beautiful

I lovced the mountains and the wide shots of the land. Not just because it is my neighbourhood but because it is pretty and to me IMAX is more about those kinds of shots.

Loud Sound

I really loved that it was super loud because it tuned out any and all chatter and commentary and laughter around me. The first viewing in LA was a Team Edward theatre, at the Rio it was a Team Jacob theatre, today it was a Team Silent Theatre... or at least it felt that way because the IMAX sound was so loud.


I thought the make-up was so much better in Eclipse versus Twilight and New Moon. In IMAX however, some of the make-up was more noticable (Rob's 5 o'clock shadow, vampires cake noses) not bad - I am just nit-picking honestly.... though Jacob's moustache was obvious and kind of gross... even my 7 year old daughter said "Jacob has a moustache mom" ha ha


I noticed strange details, like Billy Burke has a Seattle Mariner's t-shirt under his shirt in the kitchen, more details on the quilt from Bella's mom, hair lines of less-than-perfect-wigs, the extra's (a few I knew were in the film so I could see them better) and so on. Definately neat to see at least once.


Seeing hotties crisp, clear and EXTRA LARGE was worth it - once - but for my 4th viewing I will go back to regular theatre....


wig4usc said...

Good to know, I've seen it twice on the first day and plan to go back with my hubbie and son. Not sure about the IMAX version, not sure it'll be worth the trip and if I don't notice the details, they don't bug. But I know I'll see them loud and clear on that big screen!!

Anonymous said...

Mandy I agree with your assessment. I saw it in IMAX the first time and it was overwhelming, and not in a good way. Too hard to follow all of the action and too many close ups to make it a successful IMAX experience. Have seen it twice more in regular theaters and am still bothered by the extreme number of close ups, but I and those I've seen it with all agree the story was the best of the three despite how fast it moved.

I miss the vivid cinematography of New Moon with the rich colors and sharp picture. Eclipse was almost documentary-style in places with the handheld cameras and grainy focus. A totally different visual experience, and not one I'm comfortable with yet. Hoping the DVD experience is better as I'm done with theater showings for Eclipse.