Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nikki Reed cast in Catch 44 Movie

Nikki has landed a brand new role in a movie called "Catch .44!" alongside Bruce Willis, Malin Akerman and Willis, Forest Whitaker and many many more! Shooting begins in July.

Tes, Dawn and Kara are three girls working dead end jobs barely getting by in Vegas. Their lives radically change when Tes has a run-in with an interesting stranger named Mel. When Mel offers the girls a chance at a better life through crime, they take him up on the offer only to find themselves thrust into a life or death situation involving a psychopathic hit-man, a grizzly trucker, and a delusional line cook.

The movie will be filmed in Shreveport, Louisiana and you can check out the movie's official site by clicking HERE.


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Anonymous said...

Is Nikki Reed also Larry Ellison's girlfriend that he introduces as Ukranian actress/model Nikita Kahn in Malibu, CA? Has she also used the name Dasha at 4Play and Bare Essentials clubs in LA and does she use the name Iryna Osipova at Studio PCH in Carbon Beach, Malibu?.

Has she made any more movies?