Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pretty Little Liars

I have a few new shows on my PVR... one I wanted to share and see who else watches....

Pretty Little Liars... filmed locally and starring a few hot young actresses as well as some seasoned faves.

I love the opening theme song... The Pierces, "Secret."

Lucy Hale was on "Privleged" a show I really liked. I remember a twitter friend saying she was at Cactus Club several months ago and that was when I first heard about Pretty Little Liars. Other young actresses include Bianca Lawson (Emily on Vampire Diaries) and Tammin Sirsok (Colleen from Y&R)

Then there is Laura Leighton who I first loved on Melrose Place, the original! Ha Ha (Yes I am old) and Holly Marie Combs from Charmed.

The story is basically a bunch of snobby high schoolers with a secret that is haunting them... a friend is dead and they are gettng mysterious messages from someone which leads to a twisted though predictable plot of secrecy and paranoia.

It is cute, quirky, I am enjoying it so far - have you seen it?

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