Friday, August 13, 2010

Big Brother 12 Spoilers August 12, 2010

For the third time this season we have an HoH competition extending after the live show on Big Brother 12. This is getting ridiculous, and CBS must really hate the viewers or they must be desperate for people to buy the live feeds.


">I don't have live feed but this site posted great spoilers:

And the winner is ...


This wasn't even close, he demolished everybody. The smaller people were way back and even the other strong guys didn't put up much of a fight, because they didn't need to.

The hilarious part is that Brendon only thinks he just avenged Rachel's eviction and now gets to turn the house on its side. The truth is that Brendon will be able to do what the Brigade wants done: evict Ragan or Britney. Then next week's HoH competition will have all four Brigade members competing against Kathy and either Ragan or Britney.

Thanks to Matt's Diamond Power of Veto, even in the worst case scenario of two Brigade members being on the block, Matt can use it, save one, put up someone else and the Brigade has three votes to save their remaining member.

In other words, there is absolutely no way that anyone from the Brigade will be evicted this week.

However, we still need to go through an awkward week of Brendon as HoH where no one wants to go see his room or hang out with him. This began right away with Brendon gloating as if his victory is proof that he's superior to everyone and that Rachel's eviction has some meaning.

It didn't and Brendon just did the best thing possible for the Brigade. I love this alliance more and more every week, because even in defeat they win.


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