Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rob spotted in Montreal?

Herby Moreau, our most famous celebrity reporter here in Montreal was eating at same restaurant as Kristen and Rob and friends, in Old Montreal tonight. He first twitted and had us guessing which star was eating at same restaurant as him. He said that his/her bodygard was waiting at the door. Then he Tweeted about seeing Rob and Kristen leaving restaurant with friends and bodyguard. Then finally tweeted: Yes the Twilight couple is in town! And you can believe Herby as he's a serious reporter and not a pap! If Herby said he's seen them, then they were there!!!! Herby later tweeted that the restaurant where they were spotted is "Le Club Chasse et Pêche" a very good (but expensive) restaurant!

Well, we knew that he would visit - Kristen and Tom are there filming On the Road.

There were these photos the other day also.

Still, unless there are photos of him THERE I won't believe 100%


[Via TwiFans]

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shar said...

OMG ROB IS IN MONTREAL!!!!! there have been so many websites! there are also pics of him and kstew together... :)