Wednesday, August 11, 2010

James Franco in Twilight? What if..

In an interview with Esquire James Franco revealed that he is reading Twilight.

“He sits by a side door near a pail of mop water. There’s a paperback,
palm-pinched, cover down, in his right hand, and a big plastic shopping
bag full up with something he doesn’t want to show just yet. When
asked what he’s reading, Franco smiles his ungrudgingly adolescent
smile, a grin as terminally satisfying as the last healthy squeeze on a
tube of toothpaste. He is engaging, for just a second, in the mutual
diction of actor and artist — “It’s for a project,” he says. But the word — project — thumps out of him unprecious and without bluster, as if he were naming a day of the week. He’s always got something going. He flips the book over. Twilight.

What exactly do you think James could play in Breaking Dawn??

Read More at Esquire.

Photo credit: Francesco Corrozinni

Mandy's Mind - I'd love to see James Franco in Breaking Dawn, in fact, I love seeing him ANYWHERE - he is in Vancouver filming right now and 'd REALLLY like to see him in front of me ha ha

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