Thursday, August 12, 2010

My version of Emma Roberts and Taylor Lautner posing for a photo at TCA After-Party

He doesn't look thrilled... hmmm...

My version of the conversation prior to this photo being taken:

I could so see how this went down.. "Hey Tay" "Hey Emma" "Can we take some pics together, you know, show I am still a Twilight fan" "I don't know Emma, you kinda acted bitchy to my bro Rob on Leno" "ya, about that, I meant to say I was team jacob because we did valentines day together" "ya but you were bitchy" "ya but - we did valentines day together, and we all were friends" "ya about that" "oh comeone one photo help me try to salvage my career" "i dunno emma" "oh look SMILE" snap* "thanks Tay" "ya whatever"


Ok, I kid, kinda.... Taylor may not say "bitchy" it's too pg-13 ha ha

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wig4usc said...

LOL, I envision a similar conversation. How about, she was bitchy and is just a terrible actress?