Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Step Up 3D

Went and saw Step Up 3D with the family tonight. Really enjoyed it.

To be clear, I went for the dancing and the 3D, not the plot or dialouge, both which were predictable and corny. But, I wasn't bothered by it because I anticipated it.

I went for, and thoroughly enjoyed, the dancing and the 3D effects which were off-the-hook!

Not jsut dancers popping out at you by lasers, lights, objects such as bubbles, icee drinks, balloons and shoe laces (stay for the credits) too fun!!

My daughter loved it and was bee bopping along to the music, the soundtrack is awesome!

I loved seeing so many familiar dancers from So You Think You Can Dance!

Twitch has a main role and I also saw Legacy, Lil C, Katee, Joshua, also Harry Shum Jr from Glee... was incredible to see all that talent in one movie and popping out at you in 3D!

Then there was Alyson Stoner who I remember as a little girl in Missy Elliot's music video and then in the first Step Up with my hottie Channing Tatum (who didn't even make a cameo in this 3rd one... boo hiss!) I can't believe how grown up she is!!!

Also from the 2nd Step Up is Adam Sevani, Moose, who is so likable and talented.

Sharni Vinson was good alongside RIck Malambri which to be honest, was a good replacement for Channing Tatum (though no one could beat Chan) Step Up 2s Robert Hoffman was hot, but not smoking like Chan and Rick.

Anyways, I enjoyed the dancing and 3d...despite predictable plot and corny dialouge...

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