Sunday, August 8, 2010

TCA TWEETS - Spoilers & Results

Here are play by play tweets from a few people at the Teen Choice Awards show... Below the cut as there are spoilers.


@TARYDER posted from TCA's. Here are some of my faves.

Just interviewed Matt Lanter (yum) joked he's scared to run into Rob, confessed he read Twilight and watched films before Vampires Suck

Matt Lanter also said he was more scared of twilight fans than twilight actors

Waiting for Matthew Morrison

Better Jackson pic, such a doll! He said he's most looking forward to bella's transformation in Breaking Dawn

Somehow got lost entering auditorium and Betty White took me with her inside. Life complete

Love @itsmeleighton ! Looking fab in white on Teen Choice Carpet

@taryder and nina dobrev on Twitpic

Katy perry opening w/ Teenage Dream. Sounding good!

First award... TV Actress Comedy: Selena Gomez. She said on the carpet she hoped Lea Michele won

Mandy's Mind - REALLY? Selena?

Choice Movie action/adventure: Channing Tatum.

Mandy's Mind - HELL YEA - THATS MAH BOY!!!

Kardashian's (choice reality show and star winners) and Kougar Kardashian (george lopez in drag) on stage now

Presenting Choice Tv Drama actor and actress awards to... Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford

Omg taylor lautner won choice hottie over robert pattinson!

Taylor and Megan Fox accepting choice hottie awards

Mandy's Mind - PROUD!!! It is a *TEEN* choice award and Tay is a TEEN eheheh

Sandra Bullock wins choice movie actress for a drama! Over kristen and dakota in runaways, and miley cyrus last song

Mandy's Mind - a bit shocked...

Rob doesn't look too upset. His hair looks like its growing back too! Big woosh going on. He's laughing with Ashley Greene

Choice Smile: Taylor Lautner. Over my other crush zac efron!

Rob's looking like we all feel: bored. Shows that aren't taped live are looong

Mandy's Mind - not being live is lame, we get all results, all pics, vids, info and then it airs tomorrow - - stupid!!

Choice TV comedy: Glee

Justin Bieber winning lots of teen choice awards, thumbs can't type that fast to name 'em all, accepting via satellite

Choice rap artist: Eminem (yess!) Choice female artist: Lady gaga. Neither here to accept

Mandy's Mind - that's because it is a TEEN choice award - - honestly, it should be TEENS voting and more teen based... just sayin'

Jimmy Fallon presenting choice movie actor drama to... Robert Pattinson! Jimmy presented in rob is bothered voice

Mandy's Mind - ok THIS I can't wait to see on telelvision!

Taylor Swift accepting her 4 awards via satellite. "I'm so sad I can't be there especially bc a lot of my friends are, hi selena hi taylor"

Mandy's Mind - cute! Anyone else suspect a three way sex tape with this trio will be leaked in the next 5 years?

David beckham wins choice male athlete brings his sons on stage. What a DILF! Kicking signed soccer balls 2 audience

Taylor beats rob for choice male actor fantasy... He's cleaning up shop

Mandy's Mind - again, TEENS VOTING should produce these results... 14 year olds SHOULD crush on teenaged Taytay not adult ROb just me?!?!?

Lastly she tweeted:
New moon and eclipse won a LOT of awards that weren't aired, entire cast went up at the end to say thanks

Mandy's Mind - I am interested to see how they edit and what they include - it is so lame they don't do it live and edit out stuff people would love to see... ah well!

Also an important note from @Larry411

So, out of top 4 voted winners, they choose THE winner... interesting isn't it?


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Anonymous said...

I wonder which catagory winners were
overturnedby committee of producers...
I think it is pretty crappy considering there were over 85 million votes cast. The main ones
would of course be the "Twilight" votes. Would
they say take from one Twilight winner. and
give it to another to equalize the total each
had....questions .