Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reality TV Updates - August 10, 2010

It's that time of year for season finales...

Hell's Kitchen

Tonight's finale was awesome! I was hoping Holliw ould win but predicted Jaywould. What a great surprise to see Holli walk through the winners door! She truly did grow the most and I think she will be very successful and give her son a good life overseas!

Master Chef

New fave show. Though tonight's episode made me want to barf... I can NOT handle eggs... ew! I eat them OCCASSIONALLY in small portions, cooked a particular way... but anything runny, gooey, eggy = pukey!


Season finales this week. Robert will place 3rd I believe and Lauren and Kent will be a close one... I think little girls are in love with Kent and will vote more so I predict Kent wins and Laurens 2nd place, but either way they all did fabulous. I am more looking forward to the dances and season favourites...


Starts Sunday. I am back to guest blog on Pure SYTYCD Canada. Excited to see what this season brings.

Bachelor Pad

I am really excited about this. I posted details here. Hacing watched most seasons of both the Bachelor and the Bachelorette, this is exciting.

Last Comic Standing

The finale was this week and I was so happy Filipe won. I loved his big, burly stature and delivery of jokes. I was really glad the older jerk guy didn't make it in top 3... he annoyed me! I guess everyone has different senses of humour but sheesh! Anyhow, Loved Filipe and was rooting for him! Glad he won! On a different note, the judges performed and not well... wtf?

Next Food Star

I started watching late and so I am PVRing new and old episodes making it difficult to follow. I just enjoy the challeneges in these cooking shows because I am a horrible cook myself ha ha.

Big Brother

My most fave summer reality show escape. I am not happy with spoilers for this week. I don't know who goes home obvious as it will be live Thursday... but either way I am not happy.

Jersey Shore

Yes it's back, and apparently preparing to tape season 3 as season 2 airs - with yet ANOTHER pay raise... but it's my guilty pleasure... Snooki is a train wreck you can't help but stare and with Angeline back and the break up between Ronnie and Sammi, it is just too much - - - oh and aul D being himself and Situation - dood he is like the Jersey Grampa - he is way too old to behave how he does! I really love Vinnie - though the previews impy he may sleep with Snooki which is kinda gross... ha ha we shall see! How can you NOT be hooked on this horrible waste of time?

Dating in the Dark

I watched a few episodes in the first season and I really liked it. The first episode of season 2 is on my PVR and I will get to it.. since eachepisode is a new set ofpeople it's not a big deal if you miss a show or watch a few days later... but it's interesting to see how these people act and their opinions on people they can't see - then how/if it changes once they see what they look like... cracks me up how shallow some people are!

Am I missing anything?

am such a reality tv addict I know....

Comment Below on any o these show <3

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