Thursday, July 21, 2011

*ahem* Look Away - - Nothing to see here

BD CLips from SDCC - - - As I find them!

Jacob with Cullens, then Wolves...

This one SUCKS - there really is NOTHING to see, you just hear it and the audiences reactions - PURE torture... THE HONEYMOON


jodi b said...

Weird that the second one hasn't surfaced yet. Where is is?

Manda said...

What I love is that certain nameless people believe just because they camped out for comiccon they should be the only ones who get to see the clips!! Wth? Just because we couldnt make it, doesn't mean we aren't equally as important to the fandom! Nameless person goes on to say they went through hell while camping out? Um they got autographs and breakfast from the cast...yep thats torture smh *Rant Over* sorry lol