Friday, July 22, 2011

Jurassic Park 4? Wait - What?

It was 1993 when I went on a date with my lil' boyfriend to see the original Jurassic Park. Now, year later, Jurassic Park 4 will be created... Can you believe it? I wonder where that boyfriend is now?

Actually, I know... I saw him last month at the bar - ha ha but THAT is another story.... For now, here is the details on Jurassic Park 4:

It's been almost twenty years since the first Jurassic Park film stomped into theaters, and now it's time for a whole new generation to develop a deep-seated fear of raptors. And Jeff Goldblum. Oscar-winning director/dinosaur fan Steven Spielberg announced at Comic Con today that he's planning on directing a fourth installment of the massively successful Jurassic Park series for Universal.

There have been rumors of a new installation of the series since June, when Spielberg announced that he had been discussing a script with I Am Legend screenwriter Mark Protosevich, but the recent San Diego announcement confirms that progress is being made on the prehistoric adventure. According to the director, he hopes to have Jurassic Park IV in production within the next two or three years.

While the first Jurassic Park film was an unqualified success, later entries The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 3 had less success with critics and with the box office. But there's little question of why Spielberg wants to revive the franchise - the first Jurassic Park pioneered the use of CGI, and created effects that still look good decades later. The current advances in computer technology and 3D would give Spielberg an opportunity to bring the vivid world of Jurassic Park to life all over again. And make him an obscene amount of money


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