Monday, July 18, 2011

Hell's Kitchen Season 9

Hell's Kitchen Season 9 started tonight and it was a great opener. A double dose of Gordon Ramsey (Masterchef aired right before) and I was wishing I could eat some of the dishes I was seeing...

Looks like another animated cast of characters this season and I predict drama and heat like every year!

You can learn more about each contestent and read my opinionsbased on the first episode - click for more...


FOX has interviews/bios for each contestent here but here is a picture and my thoughts from the opener tonight.

Amanda Colello

I like her and not just because we share a name ;) I think she may be good, too early to tell.

Brendan Heavey

Cocky, Calm, I can't wait to see him fired up. If he isn't stupid he should go far.

Carrie Keep

She is such a flirt, she has a crush on Gordon and she isn't afraid to speak up against lippy Elise - I predict some heated fights woo!

Chino Chang

Quiet so far...

Elise Wims

The token ghetto-bitch. Last season it was Sabrina, ha, she will be loud and cause some major shit in the kitchen I can tell already!

Elizabeth Bianchi

Seems young, ditzy, but that is just judging her bleached blonde hair. |There is a shot of her apologzing 12 times in a row to Gordon so we will see what happens with her in the future.

Gina Melcher

Too soon to tell, I think she may be kind of slow on the pick up i fyou know what i mean.

Jamie Gregorich

I really was impressed with her. I know her signature dish was't cooked well but I think she has potential. She is young but seems strong in the kitchen.

Jason Zepaltas

Such a character, I really like him, but his medical problems tonight worried me.

Jennifer Normant

I didn't get much from her this first episode. Time will tell.

Jonathan Plumley

I love Southern boys and was impressed with his mastery of beef wellington his first time making it in the blue kitchen tonight. I hope he sticks around for a while. I like!

Krupa Patel

After her signature dish epic fail she was nicknamed Crapa not Krupa but in the red kitchen she really brought it and I was impressed. We will see what the future holds for her.

Monterray Keys

Wasn't impressed. I don't think he will last he is not much of a character, not as strong as the others and was already in bottom 3.

Natalie Blake

I don't have much of an opinion on her just yet. We will see.

Paul Niedermann

I thinkhe will be entertaining this season. He and Brendon are cocky and loud and I am sure will have some blow outs.

Steven Paluba

He was annoying and was sent home tonight after crappy service and thinking he should go help with dishes as customers walked out. THIS after being tossed out of the kitchen during service on the first night... see ya!

Tommy Stevens

I am not a fan but we will see. He has "Rock & Roll" tattoo'd on his FOREHEAD!?! We will see.

Will Lustberg

I predict he and Brendon and Paul will have some pissing contests. He is a no-nonsense kinda guy also!

So those are our Season 9 cooks - what do you think? Any early favourites? I would say Jaime for females and Jonathan for males, but it is so early, I am really just guessing based on minimal facts to go on.

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