Monday, July 18, 2011

Big Brother Veto Results Spoilers

Do not click more unless you are ok with spoilers, have live feeds or don't care about getting results that have not yet aired on CBS.

I have live feeds so the following is ALL SPOILERS!

You have been warned


So Dominic and Adam were nominated.

Dominic won veto

He used it.

Cassi and Shelly went up.

House is sending Cassi home. Which sucks - I kept hoping JOrdan and Jeff would grow some balls, shake up the house and nominate Brenchel, but it is too soon. Unfortunately I don't think there will be another opportunity - it will go from too soon to too late like THAT *snaps*

Dani/Dom are totally hooking up

I fear JeJo will be sent home once newbs win.

I really want Kalia gone, I can't STAND her.

I really want cat fights and if not get rid of Rachel, that is all she is good for.

I am still rooting for Jordan as only two-time winner of BB, or Jeff... but I think it is unlikely as Dani has aligned with newbs (dom) and brench will turn on them in a heart beat.

My next pick would be Dani to win, but she's a light switch - on/off for me.

From the newbs I would love to see Dom or Shell win I think... tough call.

So that is how this week will play out - - - gah! Only uncertainty is who will win HoH on Thursday - dum dum dummmm

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