Monday, July 18, 2011

Reality TV Updates - July 18, 2011

I am on reality tv overload and I love it.

Here are some thoughts from me on my current reality tv addictions.


If you read my blog often you will know I am no fan of Ashely. I am, however, a fan of JP and for that reason, I hope they do not end up together. I am so evil right? Actually, it is rumoured he wins as they were allegedly spotted together, but who knows. He is 34 and she is 26, not that age matters but he had his heart broken by a young thang before and I just want to see more JP.... sand Ashley. To be honest, she prefers the young, quieter, long haired type anyways. I really was wondering why and how Constantine was still around, but after the home town dates tonight, I am glad he is. I also really started to love Ames tonight, I hope he is the other bachelor from this season to go onto Bachelor Pad, though it really doesn't seem like his scene... we will see. Ben, who I usually like was a bit of a bore for me tonight *yawn* I still think she picks JP but I am rooting for Ben, he reminds me of Trista's Ryan, the quieter, more romantic type. Ashley reminds me a lot of Trista too, except I loved Trista.


Christian's cockiness drives me nuts and I was glad his temper had him failing tonight. I actually really respected blondie for cooking with truffles instead of drinking champagne watching. Even though it was a risk, I think she did the right thing. I love watching this show, but the double whammy of it and Hell's Kitchen Tonight was a bit much. Not too much Gordon Ramsey (never) but I still have stitches in my mouth from wisdom teeth surgery and seeing all that good food when I am eating the equivilent on Big Brother "slop" just is not fair! Eeryn or whatever his name was went home tonight after an abyssmal attempt at cooking. He had a "bad day" and knew he was going home.

Hell's Kitchen

Welcome Back Chef Scott - If you read my blog when Hell's Kitchen was last on you will know I have a crush on Chef Scott. I have actually suggested to one of my besties that we go down and stalk him (yes, he appreciates the sexiness that is Chef Scott also) I think Elise will be ghetto-drama like Sabrina was last season. I already love some of the conflict. Jonathon is an early fave, but I have a thang for Southern boys LOL Brendon is cocky but it will be entertaining to watch him and Paul. The flirty girl and Elise will be itneresting. Krupa pulled out some good cooking, it was unexpected after her "signature dish" ha ha - signature dishes are always fun to watch... This year's winner will get a quarter of a million dollar salary and run BLT Steak in New York City... sweet! Also awesome this opener we got to see Nona - she looked great! Read more on HEll's Kitchen Opener here


TOnight was the Top 20 performance show. I really enjoyed most of the routines, though some fell flat. I am still rooting for Jordan Clark, she was a fave during auditions and is still holding true. Tonight she did a Jazz routine by Sean Cheesman that was absolutely stunning. Her and JOey were in synch and so perfect! I am still annoyed by Jean-Marc as a jduge and hate Leah Miller, some thing never change. I am loving the diverse choreographers, Danny Arbour even returned to choreo tonight! Read full details from tonight's performance show here.


We get the all-stars starting this week. We are down to Top 10 and so instead of pairing together they pair with past all stars. I am excited about some of the returning dancers. See who is returning here. My faves currently are Melanie for females and Jess for males. But I loved Ryan and now she is gone - sad! I am overwhelmed by SYTYCD Canada and USA airing at the same time, it drives me nuts! But it drives my husband even MORE nuts - trust!

Love in the Wild

This is one of those reality shows you wonder why you started watching... like "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" remember? *sigh* I was glad to see Kym and Adam go home. He liked her, she ditched him for Steele, who ditched her. There are too many contestents from Scottsdale Az. ha ha Adam was cute but thug. Kym was stuck-up. I think the only couple that MAYBE stands a chance on this show is Heather & Miles... I think that's the pair it's all a blur!


I loved Real World and Road Rules when I lived in Michigan in my early 20s, but never saw it here because we never had MTV in Canada. Now we do, ecause I am addicted to reality tv and pay extra for every channel that is available to me (trust, there are still some I can't get and it angers me beyond belief) annnnyways - I love this show because it has all the past guests teamed up with their enemies in challenges - epic! I love that Wes and Kenny are forced to be together and Wes is clearly pulling the two of them. I also lvoe their angst towards CT and hate that Mandi is into him. I like Evelyn she is one tough girl! I mainly watch for the plotting and cat fights to be honest...

Expedition Impossible

I am two episodes behind on my PVR - oops!

Big Brother

Save the best for last.

I have live feeds this summer so I pretty much never sleep or accomplish anything in my life. I am disappointed with the game play. Originally I was rooting for vets over newbies but liked Dom and Cassi as far as Newbs went. Now, I am appreciating Shelley's game play, and sad with which newbie is probably going home this week (I won't say because they haven't aired the nominations yet and I already know nominations, veto comp results and if it is used) if you care to know my opinion on everything Big Brother (live feed spoilers included) just scroll up or down my blog a few posts as I do tend to post regularily on the BB happenings. I also tweet #bb13 a lot!


Bachelor Pad - August 8 starts! I can't wait!

Project Runway Season 9 - If I can get a channel that shows it here!

Canada's Got Talent - I don't watch USA one so unsure I will bother with this one.

Jersey Shore - Italy season should air soon and they are already filming the following season at seaside!

Anyways - that is it for now - add your comments below as I love to hear what other reality tv junkies think about the shows I also love :)

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