Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Secret Circle at SDCC

I am quite excited about this show because it films in Vancouver and has kept Gale Harold (Hellcats) and Brit RObertson (Life Unexpected) in my city for filming. I am a huge fan of both, but especially Gale Harold from Queer as Folk days - Hello Brian Kinney!

Anyways, here is some info on the show:

Cinema Blend writes:

The Secret Circle
Premieres Fall 2011 on The CW

Based on L. J. Smith’s novels, this new CW drama follows a teen girl named Cassie (Britt Robertson) who goes to live with her grandmother after her mother dies in a mysterious fire. She’s quickly drawn in by a group of witches who believe she’s meant to be a part of their circle. And so begins your typical teen drama with a magical twist. Dangers lurk not far in the distance as these kids begin to dabble in powers that might have them in over their heads very soon.

My guess is that The Vampire Diaries fans are going to be on board with this one. The pilot was a little campy at parts, but it does offer a similar kind of glamorous danger to some of the other supernatural-themed TV dramas out there. Fans of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles may recognize Thomas Dekker, playing one of the teens that befriends Cassie.

I don't knwo about you but this sounds pretty awesome - we will see..

Kevin Williamson had plenty to say about the new show:

“This is not as a violent show,” says Williamson. “VAMPIRE DIARIES as emotionally epic it is with its love story, there’s something very masculine about it with the vampires, and werewolves. THE SECRET CIRCLE, this is witchcraft – it’s not so in your face violent. As you saw from the pilot. He drowned the man, just by describing it. It’s just a different type of horror and menace. And that’s the challenge of it – you can’t take a knife and stab somebody.”

That said, Williamson is trying his best to make THE SECRET CIRCLE very edgy and scary too.More...

“I’m the horror movie guy,” says Williamson. “I like scsary.I like the occult. I like ROSEMARY’S BABY. I like the devil worship. I like the voodoo. I like the stuff that goes bats**t crazy. The challenge is how to imbue that with witchcraft to make it scary. Who’s evil and who is not? How evil can you go?”

In terms of developing the series, many changes had to be made according to Williamson, but it helps when you have great source material like the worlds Smith creates.

“These mythology shows are so hard to sort of develop and create, but it’s also what makes it challenging and exicting,” says Williamson. “I really like mythologies. I love building a world from scratch. I have help. Which is so nice because the source material gives us a lot.”

The series will also explore three generations of witches, which will likely open up the CW demographic a bit.

“There’s this young circle, this brand new circle, and you have sort of the next level which are the parents and then you have the grandmother who is in the elder circle,” says Williamson. “I was fascinated by the idea of which powers the have, what they can do with them and how they can do it. And some of the elders, in some sense, don’t believe there is a place for witches anymore. Others feel differently.”As for whether THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and THE SECRET CIRCLE exists in the same universe (think about the crossovers), Williamson says he’s adhering to the book worlds of both – one in which they don’t exist in each others universes.

“We’re playing these two more as companion pieces,” says Williamson. “They’re two separate worlds. Chance Harbor doesn’t exist in the same world as Mystic Falls.”

So does this mean no cross-over shows? BoO!

Expect to see the show air Thursdays at 9pm, following The Vampire Diaries (who filmed their pilot in Vancouver, then moved to ATL for production) I hope The Secret Circle stays in Vancouver.

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