Saturday, July 23, 2011

USA TOday writes about 10 things learned about Breaking Dawn at Comic-Con

USA Today writes about the ten things learned from the Breaking Dawn Panel at SDCC:

Twilight always commands attention when it comes to Comic-Con, and this year is no different.Breaking Dawn, Part 1, the penultimate film in the series based on Stephenie Meyer’s books, comes out in November starring Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, Robert Pattinson as her vampire beau Edward Cullen and Taylor Lautner as werewolf Jacob Black, the third part of this love triangle. Here are 10 interesting factoids we gleaned from assorted press opps and the fan-packed panel (beware a few spoilers ahead):
1. Stewart took Bella’s emotional journey from her wedding to her pre-transformation honeymoon to the birthing of her child very personally. “I can’t draw a line between myself and her,” she says. “For everything I do, it’s hard to take myself out of it. I’ve been building myself up to these moments since I was 17. These are emotional and cathartic moments. They’re very rooted in a reality I can see myself in. Anyone who reads the book can imagine it. (But) I couldn’t let the book punch me in the face every morning. I had to let the moments happen. It’s very true to the book but there are some surprises that suprised me, too.” Adds Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon: “There is no bigger fan of Twilight than Kristen.”
2. During the filming of the honeymoon in Brazil, Stewart spotted an extra who looked just like Lautner. After seeing a picture of the guy, “I even thought it was me,” he says. According to Stewart, “he looked like the Eclipse poster.”
3. Condon started out in horror movies, and that’s just what the second half of the first Breaking Dawn, Part 1 is. “The two movies are very different one from the other,” he says. “The first one obviously has the strong romantic element with the wedding and the honeymoon, but then it gets very, very dark, and that’s exciting.” And Breaking Dawn, Part 2? “An epic. The second one’s a Kurosawa movie.”
4. Speaking of horror movies, the cast made the birthing scene of Bella and Edward’s haf-vampire baby Renesmee sound like the chest-popping scene from Alien. “I thought it was so cool,” Stewart says. “We really tried to go as hardcore as possible. We didn’t want to do a normal birthing scene.” When Taylor read the book for the first time, “the birth scene was a LOT to take in,” he says. “I had no idea how it would look visually.”
5. During the Comic-Con panel, a clip was shown featuring Jacob protecting Bella and the Cullen vampire clan from his wolf pack. Condon says they are scenes that don’t appear in the book. One fan in the audience, however, commented, “Why would they show stuff that wasn’t in the book?”


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