Monday, August 15, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2 Episode 2

This episode was tough to watch. I am not a fan of Erica, yet I had tears in my eyes for her. I am not a fan of Vienna, but I really began to feel sorry for her today. I realized some men appreciate true love over money and can take a leap of faith, while others will do anything to get ahead, even if it is hurtful or hateful.

That, was tonight's episode....


The challenge involved paint filled eggs. My first question? Who the heck filled them up!? I have done Easter Egg decorations with my daughter and we do hard-boiled because draining those things of yolk, through little holes... yea - no way!

Anyways the men were targets first and the women were asked demoralizing questions such as:

Who is the least attractive?
Who does not deserve the money?
Who do you want to send home?

They would huck their paint filled egg at the person, Jake got the most for the men and I felt bad for the guy. I mean, I really liked him originally, then after the live break-up when he snapped at Vienna I felt like maybe he had a dark side, and now, I think she is bat shit crazy and it is NOT just the producers editing making her look nuts.

Then they switched and then men tossed eggs at the women. They almost all chose Erica as the least attractive and the one they would send home next, it was absolutely devestating to watch. Yes, she is "thicker" than the other women, but she is still thinner than the average American. She also has giant injected lips and acts like a total princess... I am not a fan of her, but tonight, seeing her pegged with paint filled eggs repeatedly, I felt so bad. I was in tears! How hurtful! I am sure she is a wonderful person, despite the character she portrays on tv, and either way no one deserves to feel that little about themselves because of pompous reality tv men!

In the end it was Melissa and Michael won.

Michael took Michelle, Erica and Holly on the date to an old asylum where they walked through the creepy place with night cams and squeals of fear at possible ghosts. Michael felt bad for pelting Erica in the back, as he should, and they had a sweet moment of trying to have a seance ha ha. In the end, after some Michelle Money's trademark meddling, Michael gave Holly the rose and they had some sweet talk on the roof about their relationship and how they are still in love but confused and had bad timing.

I have heard they are not only together now still but expecting?

Melissa chose Kasey, Blake and ... they went on a yaht and Melissa's plan was to give the rose to Kasey, but she fell victim to the sexy-on-mute Blake's charms. They had an awkward make-out session and she gave him the rose. Melissa tweeted later than Kasey and her agreed to do that since who ever got the rose stayed for romantic time after, but the show made it seem like Kasey was upset. Who knows!

Later Blake and Holly get close, which is awkward since her ex fiance is in the house and Melissa has decided her and Blake are an item. She comes across clingy and crazy again while Blake says some incredibly mean things and compares himself to a prostitute but regretting aligning with "the crazy one" Dramaz

In the end ABC decides Jake can't go home yet so they change the rules to say two women are leaving and that the women will vote also. More drama and Gia leaves on her own, then it's between Jackie and Ella - randomly.

Sadly Jackie goes home, leaving the romantic Ames in shock. He says his good-bye's then as he walks back to the crowd he simply says "bye" and runs to the limo where he enters and joins Jackie.... awnnnn....

This just lit my heart with happy flames. I so love Ames. I mean, I didn't get it at first on Ashley's season, but then, I saw it unfortunately the night he was sent home. Now on Bachelor Pad, to see him and Jackie fall in such a short time, I felt like it was something special also. For him to leave like that?! And Jackie seems incredible, but I have heard they are already broken up - - - total Buzz Kill!

*le sigh*

Maybe Ames will be the next Bachelor? I absolutely adore him now!

Anyways, looks like this season continues to be, as William tweets, the Jake and Vienna Show... and he is an extra!

I am tired of it but I get that it brings in the ratings.

Next week I hope for more drama and less douchery from stupid people... is that too much to ask? Yes, I know - far too much to ask, this is reality tv after all - famewhores unite!

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