Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tinsel Korey at Creation Entertainment's Twilight Convention in Boston

Tinsel Korey hit the stage for her Q & A yesterday at Boston's Twilight Convention.

Twilight Lexicon live blogged the panel:

Tinsel loved going back to La Push. She was so glad to see the kids there again and did an acting class for them

Tinsel urges the audience to sign the Tsunami petition for the Quiluetes to be able to move out of the danger zone

Favorite BD experience was a beach scene that the entire wolfpack was there for it was a way to wrap up and say goodbye

Bill condon is officially awesome as far as Tinsel is concerned!

Tinsel would work with Gwenneth Paltrow given the chance.

She’d also loves that she is working w/ Bronson Pelletier in the upcoming Fishng Naked. She thinks of him like a little brother.

Tinsel says that she is looking forward to the new Ryan Gossling movie because he looks so hot in it.

She is also looking forward to Taylor Lautner in Abduction

Read all her Q&A at Twilight Lexicon

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