Saturday, August 20, 2011

Boston Twilight Convention Q & A with Bill Tangradi, Guri Weinburg and Patrick Brennan

Creation Entertainment's Twilight Convention is taking place in Boston this weekend and Twilight LExicon is live blogging the panels. First up was Bill Tangradi, Guri Weinburg and Patrick Brennan.

Here is part of the Q & A with the trio:

Initial reactions to auditioning/getting cast:

Bill was bar tending in Brooklyn Heights in a gay bar in and any audition was welcome. He was super excited a week later to land the role.

Guri didn’t know what it was and then his manager’s assistant gave him Twilight 101 and she was a rabid fan and he got it was big

Patrick was literally down to being a Romano’s pizza delivery guy and was grateful to get the gig. He hadn’t gotten a gig in a year.

Jobs they would never want
Guri working in a morgue
Pat deliver pizza
Bill can’t think of one

Fav Food
Guri—-anything break fast

Read the rest at Twilight Lexicon

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