Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn Movie Poster... or not..

@Jack_Morrissey tweeted replies to fans questions about the poster.

He shared the following:

•That's another promo poster and not a theatrical poster.
•Bill's role in this poster: no he doesn't sign off on that stuff.
•The theatrical designs I got to see were very pretty
•How long until we see them: You don't have to wait that long...
•On wanting a more romantic poster with E&B and less stiff: You're going to get what you want.
•On BD theater poster: It won't suck. Promise.
•Regarding Bella's hair: I honestly don't think you'll have any complaints about that in the movie...
•Again, there'll be lots more to choose from in a couple months, give or take.
•Complaints about the poster and lack of covers: Just you wait. Also, two EW R/K covers aren't enough for you by now? No? Okay, just checking - sheesh! ;-)
•Of course there will be more posters, but whether you like them is yet to be determined!
•Fan stating all they really need is one good pic of E&B how hard is that: They're comin', they're comin'...

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