Thursday, August 18, 2011

#bb13 Spoilers - August 18 11pm

As always, under the cut so if you DO NOT WANT TO KNOW... DO NOT LOOK!

HoH results and who that person has mentioned as possible nominations....


Jeff won HoH... he filled his "ball" up first and got the white ball out. It was clear he would win as he was a few inches a head of everyone else.

From general chit chat so far tonight it seems he will put up Dani/Kalia/Porsche in some combination and if veto is used, the third gal will be replacement.

He may approach Dani and tell her to NOT use the veto if he puts up Kalia/POrsche, but isn't sure he can trust her so may put her up forcing her to play veto for herself. He needs to talk to production to fully understand how her veto card works... He wants to fish it out of her so it can't be played later on and bite him in the ass.

We shall see.

Brendon is gone, Rachel is a bit mopey but not nearly as bad as last time, I think she is ready to fight...

What do you think???