Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SYTYCD Canada Top 12 becomes 10 on Tonight's Results Show

The opening number featured the Top 12 dancers doing a routine choreographed by Jean-Marc and his wife . The ides was mobster women controling the men. I was pretty sexy and fun.

Top 12 Routine
"Dirty Dancer" - Enrique Inglesias


Melissa & Adam - safe
Jordan & Francois - safe
Lindsay & Christian - in danger
Geisha & Joey - in danger
Denitsa & Matt - safe
Yulia & Shane - in danger

These reults were not too surprising, but I really thought Geisha and Joey did well last night.


Jason Derulo - "Whatchya Say"

Amazing to see her dance her solo, stunning!

Robyn - "Indestructible"

A regular in the solo's. She did well but not mind-blowing.

Cherry poppin' Daddies - "Jump Jivin' & Wail"

Same as usual, great technique in her own style... not very good in anything else, always in the bottom and always saved by judges - Lame!

AfroJack - "Take Over Control"

Great to see in the solo's he is absolutely amazing to watch!

Michael Bublé - "Feelin' Good"

Fabulous dancer, amazing solo, I just adore him!

(Unknown which artist did this version) - "Stand By Me"

Really brought it in his solo, which was a surprise, I thought he would go based on the other two in the bottom.

I was shocked to see Geisha and Joey sent home. I knew Geisha or Yulia would leave, based on the number of times they have been in the bottom, but Joey? I am stunned! He is amazing!

So now we have our Top 10... Jordan is still a favourite but she is being outshined by Melissa as of late. Joey was my favourite male dancer and now that he is gone... I am sad!

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