Thursday, August 18, 2011

When You Were Mine movie before novel?

I love when traditional stories are retold, but from a different perspective or point of view. Gregory Maguire is a favourite author because he has taken well-known fairy tales and tells them in a different way (Wicked, Confessions of an Ugly Step Sister, etc.)

Rebecca Serle is authour of the upcoming "When You Were Mine" which takes the story of Romeo & Juliet but examines Rosaline (Romeo's previous lover)

Page to Premiere posted this:

Rebecca Serle is the author of the upcoming novel When You Were Mine. It is a twist on the well-known Romeo and Juliet that follows the minor character Rosaline, the girl Romeo claims to love before he meets Juliet. Simon & Schuster will publish it in May 2012, but the twist is that the movie adaptation may very well be out before then. Vulture is reporting that the adaptation has been fast tracked and could be created and released before the book release.

Fox 2000 Pictures is going to be producing the film and is reportedly in talks with Kiera Knightley about the starring role, though Lily Collins may also be a strong contender. “(500) Days of Summer” screenwriters Scott Neustader and Michael H. Weber were hired to adapt the yet-unpublished novel and Shawn Levy will direct.

For the comments: What do you think the side effects of a book releasing after its movie would be? Is it possible for the book to ruin the movie?

What do you think?

[Source VIa P2P]

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