Monday, August 15, 2011

Master Chef Top 4

Last week after Ben left, I was pretty upset. I am not a fan of Suzy or Christian, but tonight, I felt better seeing one of them leave.

Tonight the Top 4 cooks teamed up in pairs and cooked for 3 judges from international Master Chef shows in Indian, Isreal and France, along with USA's three regular chefs.

Since Suzy won the challenge last she got to pick her partner, ultimately picking the teams. Lucky for us she chose cocky, arrogant, but talented Christian, leaving Adrien and Jennifer happily paired.

The task was to prepare 6 portions of one dish that represented American and showcased their skills.


Suzy and Christian went with a fancy version of Thanksgiving Dinner which included duck, mashed sweet potatoes and so on. To be honest, my husband makes something similar at least once a year. I was disappointed with the creativity and shocked Christian didn't raise a bigger fuss about it. He messed up the sauce and so Suzy made one up in the final 10 minutes of the challenge much to Gordon Ramsay's dismay.

Jennifer and Adrien (who got a very cute hair cut by the way) went with a seafood dish that married East and West together. They were both really proud of their dish and it looked fantastic next to the other dish.

The 6 judges tasted, questioned and commented on the dishes and it seemed like a toss up but Jennifer and Adrien won, despite some faults, they out did Christian and Suzy.

In the pressure test Suzy and Christian had to make Lemon Meringue Pie.

Suzy seemed happy since she has pastry experience and Christian does not, but I wasn't convinved, he seems to pull cooking miracles out his giant egotistical head.

When I think of Lemon Meringue Pie I remember going to ABC Family Restaurant where Millie was the baker. She made "mile-high" lemon meringue pie that literally had meringue 4x as high as the lemon curd. It was giant! The first step was to push on it and get some air out so you could have a bite with the lemon curd, but even the meringue on it's own had a sweet taste. These pies tonight had no such meringue... it was disappointing that our own local Millie could do up a better pie... ooh, I miss her fresh berry pies also.... but back to the show..

Neither had much meringue. Hers was too white, undercooked and barely there. His was overcooked, separating and bland. Neither perfected the crust and either could have gone home based on their pies, but Suzy was sent packing.

Tomorrow Night we get to see one more go home and I am HOPING it is Christian, but I doubt it.

Both Ben last week and Suzy tonight told Gordon Ramsay Adrien will win Master Chef and I hope they are correct!

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