Monday, August 15, 2011

Teen Wolf Finale

This new show has all the makings of a hit.

Cute boys, Topless Men, love story, family drama, new girl in town, and of course werewolves... all that is missing are vampires... but maybe that is getting a little played out?


Tonight's episode was the finale of the first season of Teen Wolf and I was glad to get some answers and some closure, with just enough cliff hanger for season 2.

I love newbie Tyler Posey (who was allegedly in the running for Jacob Black in Twilight) as well as Dylan O'Brien and of course Tyler Hoechlin (Martin from 7th Heaven)

I could eat.... um... ANYTHING... off his abs!

Anyhow, tonight in a nutshell:

-Boy tells girl he loves her
-Girls dad tries to kill him
-Girl discovers boy is werewolf
-Girl goes with aunt to kill werewolves
-Alpha tries to kill girls friend
-Boys best friend helps Alpha
-everyone meets to fight
-Alpha kicks butt
-Beta's fight back
-non-werewolf best friend and arch nemisis arrive and save the day
-girl loves boy
-aunt dies
-beta Derek kills Alpha ruining any chance of a cure and making himself scary red-eyed, but finally smiling Alpha
-arch nemisis begs new alpha to give him a bite to make him a werewolf
-credits roll

Did I miss anything?

Oh yea, more were-hunters are coming to town....

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