Saturday, August 13, 2011

#bb13 Update August 13, 2011

Here is info on nominations, PoV and suspicions on "the plan"


So TOnight's show will show Dani winning HoH and nominating *gasp* Adam and Shelly... this is a shock but I am glad to see it.

During PoV which will air Tuesday, there are many prizes:

Jordan wins a unitard that says "I am with stupid" (points up at self) and a dunce cap with a tu-tu. It's actually quite cute!

Kalia wins a Caribean vacation

Shelly wins a call home, but first 24 hours confinement in the Have-not bedroom.

Dani wins a veto card (pass to play in any veto comp she wants)

Jeff wins another $10k

Adam wins POV

Also, it seems (though live feeds do not show PoV comp) that Jeff TOOK the $ from Jordan leaving her with the unitard!!! I love JeJo and Jeff especially but live feeds are showing a different side of him that CBS edits out - CBS had me believing he was so perfect and he is NOT! I still love him.... just don't worship him - and deffo prefer Jordan!

Anyhow, it is clear Adam will remove himself frm the block and Dani has been hinting Brendon would go up - - - but I fear Jeff might. She is saying sending out Shelly - but who knows at this point what will happen.

What do you think of nominations? POV?

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