Friday, August 12, 2011

Challenge Rivals - The Mob has to think individually....

I felt like this week's episode was like a bad acid trip. The happenings, the camera angles, the music, the editing... it was insanity from the realization they were going to Argentina, to the toga party, to the whippings, to the trip to Argentina, to the wrestling and room trashing and finally the soda pop fighting... it was all very immature and trippy and just WTF. The lines in the sand have really been drawn and while the helicopter challenge was awesome, it all ended very quickly.

Basically one partner was hanging from the 'copter while another climbed a rope (women actually climbed a rope ladder, but whatever) Evelyn killed it, as always and on the men's side, rookies Mike and Leroy actually killed it saving themselves from the "jungle" t andamongst themselves who would f had to vdecide amongst themselves who would f had to vdecide amongst themselves who would face CT in "the jungle" BUT host |TJ has a further surprise, they had to pick the team - on the spot - then and there.

See the mob on this show can't wipe their butt's without checking with Kenny and Wes, so this put everyone in a tough spot - they had *gasp* THINK FOR THEMSELVES! In the end Tyler and Johnny were chosen and Tyler startes to go cray-cray which showed his fear for the CT rematch. Worst part of this episode was it ended with a To Be Continues... I hate that crap! So next week Johnny and Tyler take on Adam and CT in what seems by the previews to be a running rock shoving challenge of some sort? I am rooting for CT and Adam this time!

The end of the show had them in a club, the mob had decided to make Adam lose his confidence and throw him off his game so they were harassing him... CT intervened and it looked like a fight was ready to break out....

Also earlier in the episode Cara Maria was the brunt of everyone's joke again. With Pop all over her white dress after Wes purposely dumped a bottle on her she was in tears, Laurel came out to back her up, attacking Paula who was in tears, Tyler came to stick up for her, which is why he was especially burned when Paula stayed silent allowing her partner Evelyn to vote for he and Johnny to go against CT and Adam... oh the dramaz.

Can't wait to see next week - - -

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