Friday, August 12, 2011

SYTYCD Season 8 - Some of my most favourite coupled dances

This season had some very memorable routines. Of course Melanie won, and had numerous amazing routintes this season, especially with Marko, but there were other memorable dances also.

For me, it is more about the choreographers. I love Sonya and Tice and Travis and Nappytabs and of course, Stacey Tookey but many others emerged this season with absolutely stunning routines!

From the start, Marko and Melanie were a stunning pair and had some very memorable routines.

Turn to Stone - Travis Wall
Mel & Marko

I Got U - Nappytabs
Mel & Marko

Skin & Bones - Dee Caspary
Mel & Marko

I could go on and on but there were other routines Melanie did without Marko that def. got her to be AMerica's favourite dancers.

Total Eclipse of the Heart - Mandy Moore
Mel & All_Star Neal

Game On - Sonya Teyah
Melanie & Sasha
It is CLEAR why these two ladies were our top 2 in the SYTYCD finale!

Sasha really was a shining star and I was glad to see her as 2nd place and not lower, as often it seems they do top male and top female which alludes to that being first and second placing.

This was the most stunning routine of Sasha with my fave Twitch

Misty Blue - Christopher Scott
Sasha & All-star Twitch

Fool of Me - Tyce Diorio
Sasha * All-Star Kent

One Night Stand / Memories - Nappytabs
Tadd & Jordan

Heavy in your arm - Sonya Teyah
Caitlynn and Marko

I could go on and on and on... but I want to do a different post on the amazing GROUP ROUTINES from this season!

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