Friday, August 12, 2011

Master Chef Tuesday Aug 9, 2011 - Top 5 Show

Tonight we were down to the final 5. The myster box challenge had - - - ground meat. Gross!

Ben & Suzy both do Shephard's Pie's, cocky Christian attempts a chilli, while Adrien does 3 meatballs, 3 ways and Jennifer makes meatloaf.

Judges choose Jennifer, Adrien and Ben to taste, leaving Suzy and Christian, both who I dislike, to stand and watch!

Jennifer's meatloaf went over well as she had a good mix of meats, veggies, texture and taste. Adrien's 3 meatballs, 3 ways had the plating and idea of a win, but the taste was a let down as judges commented it was too salty. Finally, Ben's Shephard's pie gave him the win and he went back to make some decisions for the elimination challenge.

Judges said that the contestents would recreate a well known, prestigious chef's signature dishes and I figured it would be Wolfgang Puck again since he was on Hell's Kitchen.....

They introduced... Chef Ramsay - wah wah wah.... it was cute and funny he introduced himself to Ben ha ha!

The three dishes to choose from were Pan Roasted Filet of Halibut with Crab, Roasted Duck Breast or Roasted loin of venison. Ben chose venison and was able to ask three questions. He essentially got details on the beet/red cabbage, the parsnip puree technique/dairy component and the cooking method of the venison. A HUGE advantage!

During the challenge I hoped Christian would go home, sense Suzy would since she had not only never cooked venison, but never tasted it either!

In the end, Suzy's was the best and she was immediately safe. Christian's had a few errors, monstly in his attitude as always. Jennifer copied some of Ben's techniques thinking he had the trade secrets, but it cause a few errors in her replica of Chef Ramsay's signature dish. Ben's was overcooked despite his advantage in the challenge and ultimately he was the one sent home.

I ADMIT IT, I cried... I love Ben... did I think he would win? No, but I hoped he would go further. Sadly it is a cooking show not a personality show otherwise Christian and Suzy would be LONG GONE and Ben winning it all.

He did get hugs from judges and told Adrien to go all the way and win it.

Top 4 - Suzy, Christian, Jennifer and Adrien. I would be happy with either Adrien or Jennifer, but I just do not like Christian or Suzy, despite their skills in the kitchen - they just are too cocky and arrogant!

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