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Hells Kitchen - Tuesday August 9, 2011

I am late in this recap because I was camping. See Monday's episode details here.

This episode kicked off where Monday's ended, right after elimination.

Teams were asked to pick a team leader. The red team seemed to think Jennifer would be the best leader, while Carrie thought Carrie would be best. On the Blue team they were quick to decide Will would make the strongest leader.

Of course none of this mattered, because when they met with Chef Ramasay the next morning he asked who the worst leader would be and then Tommy and Carrie became the leaders for the challenge. Fantastic!

The task: re-work 5 comfort classics; Pizza, Cobb Salad, Chicken Noodle Soup, Spaghetti and a burger.

After very little leadership from Tommy and quite in-your-face leadership from Carrie the teams presentes their dishes to a mystery judge... Wolfgang Puck. This brought ooh's and ahh's and even tears to some wanna-be chef's faces!

Cobb Salad

Red Team - Elizabeth
Blue Team - Natalie

Natalie takes the point, even though she used Salmon to try and spice it up.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Red Team - Jennifer
Blue Team - Paul

Jennifer easily to this point


Red Team - Jaime
Blue Team - Tommy

Another point for the red team


Red Team - Elise
Blue Team - Will

Elise's was gross and Will's had nex tto no sauce and stuck together, no points awarded.

Red Team - Carrie
Blue Team - Jonathan

This was the kicker. Jonathan wanted to make the pizza his way but leader Tommy insisted it had to be with certain ingredients which Jonathan didn't know or want to use. In the long run he just did it and then refused to present it, wanting TOmmy to take it up. After Gordon Ramsay got mad Jonathan reluctantly brought it up. Carrie's dough was not cooked and Jonathan's had soupy sauce on top - no point awarded.

So out of 5 possible points, the Red Team won 2-1 - embarassing? Yes! But the red team celebrated anyways.

The ladies went to a comedy club while the men cleaned and prepped for Hell's Kitchen.... well.. not Jonathan who had a kink in his neck *boo hoo*

The comedian was pretty funny - she made fun of this feather fascinator Elise was wearing "did a bird fly into your head?" and also made Hell's Kitchen jokes:

"If I was in labour I'd want Ramsay in there.... 'GET OUT'... of course then the baby would pop out and he would say 'IT IS RAW' ha ha"

The ladies also won some cookware - they were pretty happy.

That night in Hell's kitchen pasta seemed to be troublesome for the cooks on both sides. The women, however, pulled together and were compared to a symphony.

Props to the Hell's Kitchen producers and sound guys who did a nice montage of the red kitchen cooking to symphony orchestra music, then the Blue kitchen in utter chaos.

Ramsay pulled Jonathan aside, he whined his neck hurt, well he said he had "limited mobility" to which Ramsay reminded him of two seasons ago when Dave broke his arm but came back to WIN....

Anyhow, after messing up and taking too long to serve the VIP table (Coast Guards) Ramsay was on his last nerve and the Blue team absolutely blew it!

In the end Elise actually pulled through on meat station which was especially busy and Blue lost sending the two from the appetizer station up, Natalie and Jonathan.

I liked them both, but after the performances it was clear Jonathan would be sent home... I was quite shocked to see Natalie even at risk to go home as I really see her with the potential to make it to the finals and possible win.

At this point I would say Will, Jaime or Natalie have the best shot, though Jennifer has her moments also, I feel because of her size and shape, it may be a challenge (she was sweating in the food when running tableside a few episodes ago) but we will see.

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