Sunday, August 7, 2011

True Blood's Russell Edgington to return?

You know a cement tomb won't kill a vampire, it will only hold him... and for Russell Edgington, that holding cell can't last forever... can it?

It seems Russell's return will happen in Season 5, but in a way that may surprise viewers... after so long in his tomb, alone, thinking, mourning... (remember between season 3 and 4 a whole year lapsed... by season5 who knows how much time Russell will have been left to stew) ... Russell will come back a new man... but what kind of changed man will he be? Will it be for the better or worse? Only one man (ok the team of writers and one man) know for sure... Alan Ball discusses the return of Denis O'Hare's character with access hollywood:

“True Blood” creator Alan Ball has said he’d like to bring Russell Edgington back to Bon Temps in Season 5, but Denis O’Hare expects a different sort of former Mississippi vampire king when his ancient character returns.

“The trick is — and these guys are better at it than I am — but the trick is to reinvent [Russell], because he can’t come back and be the same guy,” Denis told Access Hollywood on Saturday. “He’s gotta come back transformed in some way and in a surprising way and I look forward to whatever they’re choosing to do with him.”

Denis, who stars in Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s “American Horror Story” on FX, which premieres on Oct. 5, said it’s all in the “True Blood” writers’ hands regarding his return to the HBO show. But, when asked if he, personally, expects Russell to come back from his cased-in-concrete Season 3 ending, bent on avenging the staking death of his longtime love Talbot, Denis said he thinks his character would return with a much more surprising set of motives.


“The thing I love about him is his dreams aren’t petty. He’s never motivated by anything petty, so I can’t imagine if he came back he’d be motivated by simple revenge,” Denis said. “I think he’s always out for something bigger. “

While Talbot’s true death occurred after he was staked by Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard), Denis said Russell’s experience across the centuries is likely to make his return more complex.

“There are dreams that are bigger than that, there are ambitions bigger than that. And he’s been alive 2,800 years, he was with Talbot for 700 years. Not to say that it was only a short period of time, but he’ll do his grieving and he’ll move on,” Denis noted.

So perhaps a turn in politics then?

“Politics sounds great,” he smiled.


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