Monday, August 8, 2011

Breaking Dawn Set Photos - After the Fact

So this weekend my friend came up from Portland Oregon to visit and to show her friend and her friend's daughter around some of the Twilight sets from New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

This may be a shocker, but I actually had NOT been up to Squamish sets from Breaking Dawn (in fact, I have not been up to Squamish or Whistler in over 10 years!) So the 4 of us drove up to explore.

Based on information from friends who had been there we were able to go the cliffs where vampire Bella climbs while hunting, as well as the land where the re-built Cullen house once stood, which is right beside the spot where the wedding was held.. in fact there are still some telling landmarks months after filming has wrapped.

First up, let's look at photos of the wedding scene... can see in the trailer certain landmarks from filming such as the burned out tree to the left of Robert Pattinson, the bumps in the ground (2 of them) just behind Rob's feet and the other trees located in the photos. Of course the trailer also features dozens of additional trees, flowers, props and people for the wedding.

What was interesting was that the wedding literally took place in the "Cullen's back yard" as far as location goes. (Unlike, for example, New Moon, where Edward breaks up with Bella in North Vancouver, but she is found in Langley ha ha)

Also, as you can see in the top left of the photo, the river was right there - and beautiful!

I have pointed out noticable parts in my photos as well as screencaps from the trailer...

Here are some of my photos from our adventures...

And in the trailer you can see the same burned tree that is darkened as well as the same bump in the ground.

Here are some more photos from the same spot:

Now if you were Robert Pattinson, this is what you would be looking at (plus props, set dressing and beautiful Kristen Stewart as Bella walking down towards you).....

You may remember photos of when the Cullen House was still built there for filming. Here is a comparison of the previous Cullen house next to the Breaking Dawn Cullen House which Twifans helicoptered over in April 2011. You can see the driveway clearly, which is all that remains of the Cullen house now. Of course those bits of wood were once the beautiful Cullen House Replica seen in TwiFans photo Here:

And here is the drive way now....

We also went to some other locations used for filming....

Here are some photos from the rock cliffs they filmed Breaking Dawn scenes at. These were not in the trailer, so we will have to wait to see Vampire Bella climbing them to hunt.

For now, Bella Doll takes a hike ;)

Actually my friend took a lot of HILARIOUS photos with the Twilight dolls - I shall do a post on just those at some point as they are pretty entertaining ;)

Lastly, we had some fun in the woods.... re-enacting a favourite scene or two, most are on facebook but for now here is one to keep you entertained...

I posted more photos On my facebook account so feel free to add me there and take a look!

There are more of where the Cullen house was, even a bench that may have been used for guests at the wedding (speculating here, it was a random bench sitting there - shrugs) as well as more cliffs and river photos. We also stopped by Shannon Falls, which was not used in filming, but is still a very pretty site.

Overall, it was interesting to see the sets and what has changed. I do not regret not going during filming, I had met the cast and seen the sets of New Moon and Eclipse. But, it would have been a treat to see these sets with the set decorations and props in place!

Hope you enjoy these photos - you are welcome to share them just please do not remove tags and be polite in crediting this site/link back. Thanks


PS - To see some other photos taken a few weeks before I went check out my bloggy-buddy TwiCrackAddict's post here. She has some similar photos but with even more cool stuff like fake rocks, a garden outline and more! Sadly, those things were all gone when I went this past weekend! Still super cool! Enjoy!

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Fanpire Lynn said...

Very cool.. I live in Oregon so we visit the Twilight filming sets all the time.. Would love to visit Canada's locations though some day..