Monday, August 8, 2011

BB13 Updates August 8



We know Jeff won POV and was going to use it on himself... we had NO IDEA what Kalia would do - - and neither did Kalia... after a crazy night of "what if's" today Kalia put Lawon on the block next to Rachel.

It was such a crazy night of ideas and possible outcomes.... Lawon volunteered himself (again) and ended up going up thinking he is 100% safe.

To be honest, He is not!

Especially with this twist of someone being evicted but returning, they figure a "floater" would be less harmful/angry if they left and came back.

Little do they know the evicted house guest will battle who ever America votes back in and who ever wins THAT returns... oh I am hoping for drama.

I did want Dom or Cassi but now, if Lawon leaves, I think Brendon would bemost entertaining ha ha....

time will tell

I am away this week so I won't get live feeds or see Wed or Thurs show until Friday... I will of course still be on twitter and checking fan sites for minute-to-minute (ok, I am camping, let's say hour by hour or at least twice a day) updates on house happenings ;)

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