Monday, August 8, 2011

Reality TV Update August 8, 2011

I am doing this early this week because I am going camping until Friday and won't get to see all the wonderful reality tv episodes this week until then.

I made up for it tonight though... I watched Hells Kitchen, Bachelor Pad 2 Premiere, Masterchef and SYTYCD Canada Top 4 Results. Yes, all in one night after running errands all day and packing all night. I am an insomniac, multi-taker and clearly crazy!

But, let's move onto reality tv tonight shall we?

Bachelor Pad

Finally, season 2 premiered tonight and it did NOT disappoint. We have the Vienna, Kasey, Jake triangle, the ex-engaged couple, previous hookups, haters, and overall a lot of drama. Jake and Jackie won the first challenge and stupidly gave the 3rd rose to Vienna as a peace offering. The crazy bitch didn't care and the women almost sent out Vienna's boyfriend Kasey. I almost feel bad for Kasey to be honest, Vienna is so mean to him! In the end it was Canadian wrestler, Rated-R Superstar who went home along with Ali. The two were flip-flopping "sides" and sent packing. It looks like a great season of drama.

See cast list here and also what they are most memorable from in their previous season(s)

SYTYD Canada

The top 14 performed. It wasn't the best I have seen this season but I did a recap and power rankings here if you wish to read details. I am still team Jordan and Joey!

Hells Kitchen

There was the ongoing drama of Carrie & Elise. Did you notice Elise has a tattoo on her chest... it says "Elise" *eye roll* I dislike her greatly, but realize she stays for entertainment value only. Even Jamie and her had it out tonight! There was a cool challenge in the first half of the episode where they made food using beer, mmmm, my husband enjoyed that part! Dinner Service had drama as always but in the end it was Krupa who went home.


This episode felt like Hells Kitchen as contestents were in the kitchen at Patina serving guests. Red Team was Ben & Christian led by team leader Suzy. Blue team was Adrian & Jennifer led by team captain Tracy. Ramsay ran the kitchen and it truly felt like Hells Kitchen final 6. Red struggled in the start but pulled together after switching Ben to a different station. In the end it was the Blue team sent to the pressure test where they had a king salmon to scale, fillet, portion and cook to perfection.

Tracy, Adrian and Jennifer began the pressure test after watching the master Chef Ramsay do it with such ease, they were in for an eye-opener when they actually attempted it.

Adrian took a long time to scale the fish and his portions were not perfect. Tracy left a lot on the bones and much of the tail. Jennifer did an excellent job portioning and had next to no waste but a few scales remainging.

As far as cooking Jennifers was slightly undercooked, Adrian's over cooked and Tracy's was undercooked.

In the end Tracy went home.


Sunday's Show announced Kalia's nominations, Jeff and Rachel. Of course since then the Power of Veto has been played, won and possibly used? If you want to know more read my spoiler post from this morning

Well, that's it for me this week. Check back Friday for the rst of this week in Reality TV Fun!

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