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Bachelorette - Croatia

Emily goes to Croatia and Rocky heads back home with her babysitter. She either feels strongly about the men or no clue - so her goal is to resolve the "no clue" men.

Men are excited to be there, we get some great wide shots of the land and architecture.

Emily arrives at the men's room to say hello. She leaves a date card and slips out....


Travis reads it out:

Travis, let's look for love beyond the walls"

Travis needed this date and he knew it. They head to the old historical part of town and explore the streets. They seem to have fun, but it doesn't feel romantic to me. They go to a balancing stone where IF you can balance on it while removing an article of clothing then you will be lucky in love. Travis can't even get on the stone at first. Emily is bummed he didn't take his shirt off.

At dinner they have some nice conversation. Emily asks what he thinks he did wrong (with his ex) he answered well "I don't know that I did anything wrong, I don't know if she did anything wrong" He admits he hasn't dated since his engagement, two years ago.

They talk more about life and they seem to be getting along, but I just don't feel like they connect as deeply as she has with others. Still it felt like she would keep him.... but she did not. I think it is for the better.

I feel horrible for Travis, he DOES seem like a great guy, and he is legit hurt being sent home... poor fellow - I am sure after the show he will meet someone fantastic!

Back at the house:
The men weigh in on Travis. Some don't see him as romantic, oh course thinks Emily needs a bad boy like him *eye roll*

Date Card arrives:

"Lasting Love requires Bravery"

John, Doug, Sean, Jef, Chris and Arie.

That means Ryan gets the one-on-one. His confidence is sickening and the men are not happy.

Group Date:
They go see the movie "BRAVE" I can't wait to see this movie, I am taking my daughter and my gf and her kids.

After the movie Emily surprises the men with a "competition" Highland Games. The men get dressed in kilts and head to the challenge. They look hot in black sleeveless tops and their kilts and knee high white socks. Hilarious.

First up is Archery:
Emily starts them off with a good shot.
Moat of the men do pretty well, Chris is pretty worried about the task and he does horribly.

Next up is the toss:
No one wants to go first, Chris feeling down from Archery volunteers. Essentially it is a log throw.

He DQs.

Jef's also DQs.

Sean breaks the log.


Lastly the leash:

Two men pull a stick to try and pull opponent past them.

Chris picks Doug.
Doug wins.

Poor Chris is 0-3

Emily gives the bravery cup to Chris even though Sean won everything. She says she appreciated Chris picking Doug over someone smaller and keepi9ng a smile on face despite the losses. Emily is so sweet! She took Chris for some one-on-one time and kisses.

Emily reassures Sean. Arie is still feeling unsure since their last encounter and apologizes again for "london" then makes out with her - of course. Jef offers his coat to Emily and they sit and chat. Arie seems very into her and they don't waste anytime snuggling up. She asks what took him so long to kiss her. He wishes he hadn't. Emily spends some more time with Chris and then goes and gets the rose to give to him. The men are sad, but Emily tells Chris he has been a stand out since day one and that he is the kindest, sweetest, most handsome man she has ever met *gag*

Don't get me wrong, He is all those things I guess, but I just don't see it - I never have - I don't get what she is seeing personally.

Back at the house:
Ryan goes on a rant about how wonderful he is. He clearly rubs the men the wrong way - as per usual. He is so flirty and playful with Emily in front of the men, Emily is clearly hip to this but still keeps him around. He heads out on his date. The men laugh as soon as they close the door - he is so corny and they all know it.

On the date...
"The world is our oyster" was teh date card so they hit the road. Emily is unsure about how she feels about him. She calls him rotten and trouble. He feeds the lines and she picks it up. She loves the playfulness but as a mom I can't see her keepig him much longer - he is NOT a father figure at all!

They hit the boat and slurp some oysters - gross! She can't even swallow it she has to spit it out - I am with her, I can't eat oysters either!

They spend the day in a small waterfront town and he seems to get serious with her saying he is a great man so he can find a great woman and he feels god has done that. He says 'trophy wife' and Emily doesn't like it. 'All men should see their wife as a trophy' Emily says she goes back and forth on Ryan - well Emily - then STOP! Just get rid of him - please!

For dinner they are seemingly tipsy - as the shows mandate is to get couples drunk and silly for ratings.

Ryan is super confident and Emily keeps drilling him. They joke about her gold dress and the 'trophy wife' although it is playful, he is a bit of a jerk and she is giggling instead of challenging him.

Ryan reads his 12 things he wants to find in a woman to Emily....

loyal, logical, encourager, faithful, nurterer, confident, magnetic, people are drawn to, loves to laugh, observant, unselfish, beautiful, loves to catch my eye, etc etc

Emily says she feels like when she is around Ryan she feels like she has to be perfect all the time, and fit into his mold.

"There it is, it's been there" he says pointing to the rose. I am hoping she won't give it to him...

Smiling she points out their history of dates and compliments his looks and kissing - - - BUT the list of things he looks for in his future wife and life doesn't jive. her #1 on the list would be a loving family not seeking perfection and it wasn't on his list and so even though she adores him she isn't sure they want the same things....

She can't give him the rose


"That is very shocking because I would not have seen that coming,t he time spent together today and the potential for possible growth to have something was and is definately there, I am very very surprised...." yadda yadda yadda he goes on and on about sharing the same desire "I can't help but think youa re making the wrong choice because I think that i am just right for you, but you don't get to see that"

He challenges her and won't let her speak and I want him to disappear. He wants to be given the opportunity to show her the man she is.

Commercial Break.... will she change her mind? OMG I hope not - - I can't take this she BETTER not let him stay!!

She sends him packing, he is basically kicking and screaming she made the wrong choice...

Back at the house:
The men still debate if he is staying or going. Chris thinks he is a salesman and she hasn't had enough time to realze he is selling bad goods. They comment on his cockiness, most seem to think she will see through him, some think he will sell himself well. One decides he will tell Emily the truth should Ryan return....

Then, Ryan's bag is taken away.... Ryan says the men must be shocked and he will see them soon because they formed great friendships, then we see the men dancing and cheering and hugging about hwo happy they are Ryan was sent home.

At Emily's room:

Arie pops by to visit and tell Emily she made the right choice in sending Ryan home. He had planned to go see her if he stayed, and if he goes... does it matter that Arie's "Baggage" I keep mentioning is that Arie dates the producer of the show cassie (who is Emily's confident and assistant and by her side the whole time) does it matter than Arie seems coached move by move, line by line? Does it matter that Chris Harrison tweeted Arie before this show like they were friends....

Emily gives him the rose to hide as a secret rose. They then make out on her bed. He is too smooth - I wish I didn't know about his "baggage"

Doug tries to make things better with Emily but comes across awkward and makes it slightly worse it seems. He really opened up to her.

John (finally) opens up to her and talks emotionally about his grandparents. Yet not why he is nicknamed "wolf" yes - I am dwelling on it - I want to know no I NEED to know why he is called "wolf"

Emily admits she isn't sure she is making right decisions but love is a risk....

Rose Ceremony:
-Chris already has a rose
-Ryan and Travis were already sent home


With one rose left, I predict neither John or Doug get it because of previews when Emily said "I can't give out this rose"

As if on cue she walks out emotional with the last rose to talk to Chris Harrison. She admits she doesn't know what to do. She gives Chris the rose and she goes to talk to the men. She tells them she can't give out the final rose so we assume that Doug and John are going home.

Then Chris brings out TWO roses and she keeps them both!

No one goes home - WTF

Top 6 guys....... headed to Prague!

Preview for next week looks like:

john one on one, Arie one on one, Sean one on one, hard to tell there is a lot of kissing. Chris feeling depressed, worried and seriously in tears.

OMG OMG - they actually DO ADDRESS that Arie dates Cassie the producer, and they show her and Em talking - yessssss!!!!!!!!!! good!!!

What a night!

What did you think? Who is your fave? What are you most looking forward to next week?

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