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I have been tumblr-ing all night but wanted to share a few things from MMVAs - will update and post throughout the show.

Red Carpet

If you havent' watched MMVAs, you should, Canada is weird. I can say this because I am Canadian. It is in Toronto, it is a giant outdoor red carpet street and it is known for insane, outrageous arrivals. Unique vehicles, strange stunts. I should do a post JUST on those arrivals fromt he past - insanity!

Anyways.... Just started watching.... check back often and will re-post/update as the night goes on.....

Justin with a baby - his brother? BUt posing with local gal Carly Rae Jepsen raised some questions, especially with Selena arriving solo in a super short gold dress.... ha! But then Selena is holding a kid - is this a Bieber too? I am confused - - -

Side note - is that DEAN???

Katy Perry is there looking great, she has a buncha kids dressed as mini Katy Perry (from various music videos) cute, but watching the PR people try to organize all the kids for photo shoots every 2 meters is hilarious.

Chord Overstreet looking a bit hary but still cute:

Cody Simpson:


The Show

You should also know, MMVAs is an outdoor concert with some awards given away on the side. It is unlike most awards shows where there is a stage and speeches and such.... it is mostly live performances and pretty unscripted, live, random - lot's of weird stuff typically goes on and it always feels completely unorganized.

LMFAO do a lil' skit with cameos from Hedley, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry.... then they open the show with "Party Rockin" they end their performance by spraying champagne on the audience, which is mostly 12 year olds I think.... but they are in bright yellow ponchos so somehow it seems ok... maybe? They move into "Sexy and I know it" (I work out) with the "famous" wiggle wiggle - one has an elephant underwear with an extra long trunk omg!

It then moevs stages to Carly Rae Jepsen swinging on a telephone singing "Call me Baby"

I have to say her voice seems a bit strained - as did the LMFAO fro guy - I do appreciate it's all live and sung as such, no lip synching!

After the opening credits we welcome Canadian Shanae Rimes (sp?) who interned at Much Music as a teenager, and is the annoying Annie on 90210. Her dress slits were super high on both sides...

She presented International Video of the Year Artist: Beyonce, Chris Brown ft JB, David Guetta ft Nicky Minaj, Florida, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Pitbull ft Ne-Yo, Rihanna ft Alvin Harris (enough nominations yet? OMG!)

Winner: Katy Perry - Last Friday Night

She comes out in a new dress/pant suit and high pony. "Hello Canada" she thanks everyone.

Lauren Toyota - she is annoying - I have to listen to her in every commercial break of Teen Wolf and PLL... *le sigh* she looked hot though!

LMFAO the co-hosts are back being loud and obnoxious... "Canada is the first place... they hosted an awards show, went #1 and learned they are allergic to maple syrup" I hope they are on drugs, because their behaviour is otherwise unnatural....

They go through last year's lost and found.... and give it away "yea baby" "ya dig?"

a hat, a red solo cup, heels, but Selena Gomex runs out in some giant heels to claim "last year's heels" - since she hosted last year... so LMFAO seeks advice from Selena... "ya dig?"

- host needs wardrobe changes (LMFAO has 48 planned)
- pronounce names right (difficult, they can't even say LMFAO right)
- give audience what they want (right now they want Marianna's Trench)

They perform and crowd surf, one gal is groping his ass ha ha

Lauren Toyota returns and introduces some people. Far East Movement and a victoria duffield girl who is Canadian but I don't know who she is.

They present award for Int'l video of the year for a Canadian

Avril Lavine, Drake ft Rihanna, JB, Nickelback, Simple Plan,

Winner is: Justin Bieber - crowd goes ape shit crazy, he comes out touching girls hands in the front row. "What's up Toronto, What's up Canada, What's up Guys?" he thanks everyone including fans, friends, and tells them to get his album.

Angelie(?) and Dragonette talk about hwo not to be nervous - one says they picture people naked - they point out an actual naked guy in the audience - oh yes....

Reminder to vote for fave artist.

Another commercial break

COdy Simpson comes out - he high fives as many people as possible in ten seconds. Then they present award for int'l video of the year group

Bad meets evil ft bruno mars, cobra starship, cold play, foster the people, gym class heros ft adam lavine, lmfao, maroon 5 ft xtina, one direction, selena gomez, the wanted, yes a lot of nominees

winner: LMFAO

OBVS rigged - there is no way they beat all those others!

Out comes Down with Webster out of breath from partying at the after party that they are still at from last year - oh kay - they introduce Nelly Furtado to perform.

I saw her on the carpet and I have to say she is looking older, fine, but more plastic - her stage outdfit and look was better than the carpet in my opinion

More people, more stuff...

Darren Criss comes out with LMFAO and he criticizes LMFAO for party rocking too loud so he couldn't hear anything LOL LMFAO is "sorry for party rocking" Darren doesn't believe them because they lack emotion - Darren does a broadway version....




Darren then introduces ED SHEERAN - who performs - amazingly!

Some guy I dunno introduces Flo Rida who sings then and Carly Rae joins him for "wild one"

Love lil Rico from Modern family - he is a super star - he comes out as the shuffle bot (LMFAO robot) he pulls it off too! Talented kid!

He introduces Hedley - I love Jacob Hoggard hard - he is so cute and I totally adored him on Canadian Idol... He is a local boy, I have seen him play local gigs, seen him shopping, seen him at fright nights at playland, it isn't a big deal I guess - but on tv I still drool over him LMAO

Chord Overstreet comes out with a rose to look for his biggest fan... he gives it to a fan and gals around her tore it up trying to take it - brutal - reminds me of Breaking Dawn Part 1 Tent City concert with the cut out Bella and Edward.

Carly Rae Jepsen, Down with Webster, Drake, Hedley, Marianas Trench

Winner is: Carly Rae Jepsen who comes out in a new dress similar to Shinae Grimes...

Carly says a name in her speech that I know - from highschool - so i go to his facebook page and sure enough he is dating Carly Rae Jepsen ha ha random - I knew she was local but wow - small world! I also thought she was 17 not almost 30 - ha ha random!

She then introduces Kelly Clarkson who performs - she is very blonde.

Out come Degrassi people with Lights to present an award for face group or artist.

Drake, Hedley, jb, carly rae, marianas trench

winner is: Justin Bieber

Fro-off with Perez Hilton wearing a fro with LMFAO - they introduced Katy perry who performed.

Carly Rae Jepsen wins again!!!

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