Monday, June 18, 2012

Hell's Kitchen - 14 chefs compete

Last week somehow I missed an episode of Hells Kitchen and so tonight I learned that both teams lost and nominated two people and Don went home, Roshni movies to Men's Blue Team.



Blue welcomes Roshni and Red Team is still divided.

They have bouncing balls all over the dining room and they grab them - each has food items / ingredients on them. These are the items they can use for the contest - 35 minutes for 5 traditional Mexicain dishes.

They all make a dish then the team picks the top 5 to present to guest judges.

1 - Tacos
Royce - Pork
Kimmie - Shrimp

Red wins

2 - Burritos
Danielle - falling apart, hard to eat
Clemenza - Mexican/Italian flavour the judges like

Blue wins

3 - Soup

Tiffany - crab salsa soup
Justin - pickle shrimp tortilla soup

Red wins

4 - Enchilada

Christina - not sure?
Patrick - lobster

Blue wins

5 - Tostada

Roshni - crab chili grilled tostada
Dana - ahi tuna

Blue and Red each get one vote from the judge so Ramsay is the tie breaker

Red wins

Reward - Gourmet Lunch and big surprise. They eat at Riveriera with one of the guest judges. Then they get salsa dancing lessons and apparently drink more judging by their diary room bits.

Punishment - Blue team has "Mexican Night" preparation. Salsa by hand, prep both kitchens. Their lunch is something disgusting. Men cut and cut and cut ingredients in preparation and tensions are high, particularily between Clemenza and Patrick.

The women returns in a festive mood, which worsens the mens mood.

Later Royce bitches to Danielle about the challenge. Tiffany doesn't like it and sets a "no bitching policy" then after drinking a bottle of booze she goes gossiping to others ina drunken slur. She gets the whole conversation and its participants incorrect.

The next morning Robyn decides to address it and everything is messed up. Tiffany sitys as Kimmie yells at poor Dana and Danielle for something they didnèt say (Royce had said it ... Tiffany was drunk and mixed up who said what when she reported to the team)


The kitchen opens and women are not getting along. They start off with mussles that arenèt done correctly. Blue kitchen has minimal success.

Kimmie and Dana have a fight because Kimmie told her to put fish on same tray as meat. THEN THEY SERVE RAW PORK. Danielleès fault. Ridiculous!

Meanwhile, Blue is doing better, but not by much.

Patrick is tossed out along with Guy.

Next Danielle is kicked out of the kitchen after a second round of raw pork.

Then Clemenza and get kicked out for.... raw pork!

Barbie is then kicked out for needing a thermo for chicken

Tiffany has burned mashed potatoes and is also kicked out bringing our total to 7 people.

Royce makes 8 and Blue now has Brian and Roshni left.

The remaining chefs work hard, but it is just amazing how many were kicked out. Both teams lose and have to choose nominees...

Blue - Guy and Patrick
Red - Barbie and Danielle

They all argue to stay, I could have them all leave and be fine to shorten this season to be honest...

NO one goes home - it is to be continued - luckily it is on tomorrow!

What a show - next episode looks intense too - D-R-A-M-A!!!

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