Sunday, June 17, 2012

Authority Always Wins - True Blood

Recap time - what an episode, is it just me or this season already way better than last season?

Tara is a vampire - and she be craycray. Pam orders her to not bite Lafayette or Sookie and stay in the house, but that just seems to drive Tara even more insane, thrashing the house before being subdued and taken down to Eric's underground bed.

Pam doesn't have time to deal with Tara, but wants to get out of her dirty walmart sweat suit and back at the club reflects on her first encounter with Eric. I loved getting some history on Pam, she was a brothel madame and Eric saved her from a man with a knife in an alley. I hope we get more of this in the future episodes. I love Pam!

Back to Tara, she sleeps the day away but Lafayette almost stakes her. I am worried and curious to see how this plays out, because Tara HATES fangers.... and now she is one!

Sookie seeks some protection from vampires and at the store, the sales clerk is HILARE - I can't remember what he said about the silver mist but it was if a vampire rang the door bell what would happen - I need to find this quote.... needless to say, Tara got sprayed by it later before taing off into the night....

Bill and Eric taken to the authority along with "sister" Nora. They are tortured with UV lights and silver infused IV drips. We learn of the first vampire "Lilith" who was created by God, who was also a vampire. There are some vampire fundamentalists who believe this to be a literal translation and they are called Sanguanists or something like that - Sang = blood of course. These folks believe that humans were put on earth for vampires to eat. This doesn't fit with the "co-exsist" goal the authority is currently seeking.

Looks like politics and religion focus this season, along with power struggle (as always) not only in the vamp world but in the wolf world where Alcide refuses to become pack leader and Luna's daughter changes into a cute wolf pup after Luna kicks Sam out for suggesting Luna may want to address that her daughter COULD be wolf and not shifter.

Back to Eric and Bill, they are let go (we assume they will be) to get Russell Edgington who has escaped the cement tomb. The episode ends showing him feeding and slowly recovering. I read in an interview with Denis O'Hare that Russell Edgington will be a changed man when he returns, so i am interested to see how this will play out. Christopher Meloni is amazing too - can't wait to see more of his character development.

Steve is promoting vampires as god's creatures and still in the media. He arrives at Bill's house where Jessica is still having a kegger party - this once scene I had to replay over and over, I love love love this dance....

Where I hated Steve before, he is actually pretty hilarious now... you know, a vampire, gay, christian... I also loved that on the interview he came out as a vampire but pretended he loved a woman - like somehow Vampire acceptance is still easier than being gay?!?!

He offers Jessica money for Jason but she "doesnt sell" her friends, though she sure messes with him a bit Steve gets a "fang boner and a real boner" after she talks about how hard Jason's ass (and other parts) are.... ha ha it's awesome!

Jason tries to make ammends with Hoyt but fails.... Hoyt's momma is pleased with Jason, though acts like she is not until Hoyt can't hear...

Terry and Arlene are fighting because he is having strange dreams and attacking her. She goes to his army buddy Patrick to talk, Terry interupts and tells Patrick he knows one of their marine buddies who is still alive and may be associated with the strange fires that keep occuring. No idea - not interested.


-Christopher Heyerdahl as Dieter Braun - not a huge stretch from Twilight is it ;) I met him in december in Orlando... squee!

-Debbie's car was found, her tooth is under Sookie's fridge, how long until they figure this out?

Some Quotes: **Will add more later**

Mr. Northman, you are taller than I expected - I get that a lot - BAHAHAHA Love it!

Stackhouse, i had sex! - Welcome to the club

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