Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hells Kitchen - 13 Chefs Compete

We continue from last night's elimination with two chefs at risk....


Danielle is sent home. The girls are in tears. Tiffany, Kimmie and Robyn are happy, the rest are sad.

The men are arguing too - blaming Patrick for their poor service. Royce seems to lead the brigade. HE needs to go!

the next morning Chef Ramsay presents trends in the food business. Models come out to show the food trends....

1950s - crazy colourful dishes - layered jello mold jiggler and tv dinners.

1970s - fondue (I love fondue)

1990s - asian fusion

The men are all excited about the hot models ha!

The challenge:
Fashion Night in Hell's Kitchen. David Meister, Amanda Che, Ian Soltani are the three guest judges, all fashion designers.

Each team produces 1 appetizer and 2 entrees (1 seafood and 1 poultry)

David like spicy, healthy, swordfish, Ian likes colourful, heavily seasoned Amanda likes healthy, not fatty

30 minutes....

During preparation Blue discusses swordfish, mushrooms, lobster medallion while Red is led by Dana the perfectionist.

The usual Hells kitchen drama continues with the bossy chef, the idiot chef, the lazy chef and so on.

Justin - they say it isn't visually appealing the foam looks gross, it doesn't look elegant or sophisticated and is too much food for an appetizer. Taste - the foam is too sweet and the rest is a bit bland.

Dana - mango broth with crab meat. Soup isn't elegant, can be messy, it does have some flavour.

Red Wins

The judges are super specific and picky - uh oh!


Patrick - describes the dish as "thins the mucus" ew! They don't like the blob of sauce, they say it tastes interesting but there is no kick in it. They like it, they don't love it.

Tiffany - has something "fried" on her dish, which is not healthy. It also looks disgusting and the fashion crowd would clearly hate it. It is delicious they like the salad but the rest is greasy.

Blue wins


Robyn - seabass with seasoning. They like the colour and the grape though it is a bit bland.

Guy - Swordfish with a lot of seasoning. They like the ingredients, plating and flavour. The don't like the sauce.

Blue and Red each get a vote, but the third vote means Blue wins

Kimmie is mad Robyn didn't add spice as instructed. The women are pissed, but the Blue team hasn't had a win yet have they? Of course this worsens the Red Teams arguing.

Blue gets money to shop in Malibu - new outfits, wine tasting, and a relaxing day. They have a personal shopper then go for wine tasting. They drink..... a lot.. their diary room talks later are hilarious.

Red gets to clean and set up a runway - it is not without bickering and argueing but they let loose at the end with some hilarious catwalks and poses. Tiffany and Robyn burp and laugh and snort and fart while the other ladies look over in disgust.

When the Blue team returns, hammered the red team gets upset again.

Both teams go to bed early, but Clemenza wakes up early and is loud trying to wake everyone else up...

Kimmie goes nuts and is using a punching bag outside. She is ready to kill Robyn, who was on "her side" but clearly isn't anymore.

Fashion Night begins....

Ramsay explains how the show will go and emphasizes the timing of food. Kimmie and Royce are chosen to help plate food and Ramsay warns that these customers are not easy to please.

Clemenza starts cooking scallops before the doors even open... I seriously don't even GET how people make such stupid mistakes.

Looks like Clemenza may be sent home right then and there, also looks like the red kitchen drames some of the blue kitchen and sets them up for failure....


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