Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Masterchef - Top 15 compete

Another night of masterchef with one of the grossest mystery box challenges ever - ewwwww!

The top 15 enter to begin the mystery box challenge. The person with the best dish will get a "huge advantage" in the elimination challenege which will follow this mystery box challenege.

Inside the box was....


... brain, balls, tongue, a lamb's head, hearts, livers, and more - gross!

90 minutes to create something gourmet... *gag*

Felix is excited because she says in asian cooking they eat everything. Most homecooks are not excited about this challenge though.

Watching then cook, prep, experiement makes me want to barf.

Cocky Ryan thinks Monty should go home next and he is winning it all.

The judges go around and the ideas teh homecooks have range from brilliant to disgusting. Considering the ingredients, I can't see how anything good could come from it, but there are some creative cooks there!

Judges inspect all the dishes and choose the Top 3 stand-outs.

They choose:
-Becky - Sweet Bread Duo - with chicken liver pate on buttered toast. A sampling as she called it and Ramsay calls it bold but delicious. Three different tehcniques, textures, flavours, a very well done appetizer.

-Ryan - Sweet breads with potato and shallot curry oil. He is cocky, the others are upset he was chosen. Judges say it is balanced and delicious.

-Christine - Panko fried sweetbreads with bok choy - judges say it is terrific and delicious.

The winner is: Ryan


1 - Ahi Tuna
2 - Ham
3 - Crab

He can choose which ingredient everyone will cook with. He also doesn't have to cook and is safe from elimination.

He chooses crab.

He then chooses 7 to use fresh crab and 7 with canned crab.


Canned - Becky, Monti, Felix, Stacey, Frank, Joshua
Fresh - Christine, Scott, Tali, Anna, Helene, Mike, David

60 minutes

Judges discuss what they would do with fresh or live crab. Ryan was very strategic in assigning the type of crab each cook got. Blind Christine cuts herself on the love crab but luckily it is a small cut.

Judges circulate to see what each homecook is doing. Reminding them to taste everything.

Time to taste...

Tali - Paprika buttered crab. "Looks like a horror movie" "Where is all the crab?" "We gave you a $60 crab and you did what with it?" They think he was stupid with it.

Joshua - Thai Crab Trio. "bold, spicy good"

Mike - Crab bisque. Fresh crab processed into canned taste.

Tanya - Thai green curry with crab.

Frank - Orecchiette puttanesca. He keeps making the same thing over and over. Too much crab, no balance "like hamburger helper"

Christine - Ceviche cocktail. Visually appealing, delicious, fresh, fragrant. Ramsay invites Ryan to conme try it, he says "it's really awesome" which was nice, because being so cocky I expectes what we have seen in past seasons "meh i could do better" attitude. I hate Ryan a little less, just a little.

Helene - Crab Soup - Joe is not happy, he says it tastes like canned crab.

Monti - Scotch Egg. Judges are impressed it actually tastes good. Ryan is not happy.

Judges debate and are impressed with what they did with canned crab.

Two spectacular dishes:
Josh and the winner.... Christine.

These two are team captains for next challenge.

Bottom four:
Frank, Tali, Mike, Helene

Josh notices 3/4 of the bottom 4 had fresh crab, how ridiculous is that?

Frank and Mike are sent back, leaving Helene and Tali for elimination risk.

Helene is sent home.... when asked who will win... she says "Frankie"

Next episode is team challenge, looks like an early 3am wake up call for breakfast roomservice at a busy hotel. Chaos ensues... of course... Can't Wait!

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