Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Love in the Wild

Last week I was too tired to blog the show....

Here is a quick review:

Challenge had couples build a net, get a map, gather items, catch a specific chicken. Hilarious really.

They challenge had couples finish as follows:
7-Jenny/Ben (last place)

In the end:

1 - Ali kept Chase
2 - Tim wants to stay but Summer asks Ryan to join her
3 - Tara keeps Jesse
4 - Cina keeps Jason
5 - Yanina keeps Ken
6 - Shawna picks Ben, but he declines and stays with Jenny
7 - Jenny keeps Ben

Tim and Shawna are sent home but then...........

In walk a group of beautiful new women........ the end.... until tonight....


The women are not impressed. The men get to pick a new girl to join their couples and form a trio, much like the women did the first episode.

1 - Chase chooses Jenna to join him and Ali
2 - Ryan chooses Natalie to join him and Summer
3 - Jesse chooses Melissa to join him and Tara, who makes some snarky comments about blonde vs. brunette. Melissa fires back "every blonde secretly wishes they were a brunette" to which host Jenny McCarthy jokes "every blonde secretly IS a brunette" ha ha!
4 - Jason chooses Vanessa to join Cina and him
5 - Ken chooses Lindsay to join Janina and him. Yanina was hoping he didn't choose Melissa because "there are enough boobs int he tent already"
6 - Ben is left with Michelle, a spokesmodel with huge boobs to join him and Jenny. Jenny is not impressed, clearly. Though she says she is not nervous "no offence" because of their bond.

Six new trio's are formed. One guy, two girls head back to the accommodations.

Jenny tries to mark her territory she is pretty upset about Michelle. Cina shows Vanessa around. Ken makes space for Lindsay in the tent, but Ken makes it clear they are a couple. Jenna seems friendly but Ali is not liking the overly bubbly new girl. Jesse tries to set up a bed on teh floor so the women get the bed.

The Challenge:

Jenny McCarthy announces half the ladies will go home next ceremony. She introduces the challenge. Get the lantern, get the map, find the amber. Oh, one more thing, leg cuffs, the trio is shackled together. Lovely!

Jenny doesn't want to win because she doesn't want to share the big bed with big boobs. When they hit the cave only two can go down and they get to kiss, so Jenny takes that.

Ali frustrates Jenna and whines a lot. Tara is upset she isn't going into the cave with Jesse.

After the cave they run to a beach and dig out the amber then run to the finish line. A lot of people fall behind during this part of the race.

1 - Ben, Jenny, Michelle *also win a sail boat trip*
2 - Ken, Yanina, Lindsay
3 - Ryan, Summer, Natalie
4 - Jason, Cina, Vanessa
5 - Chase, Ali, Jenna
6 - Jesse, Tara, Melissa

The trios head to their new accommodations. The oasis is beautiful, Michelle floats into the pool with her fake eyelashes, boobs, and well boobs. They are indeed polar opposites. Michelle puts on the flirt full time as Jenny goes to shower. Ben recognizes the physical attraction, but doubts it goes beyond that.

The cabins are fun as the original girls hide the towels so the new girls don't know how to dry off. They plan the ways to haze the new girls. Cattiness emerges. Later that night there is some more drama.

Randomly Jesse and Ali are flirting, even though Jesse has two hotties in his trio. Ali is immature and whiney, I haven't like her much since the start. Looks like some drama to come with choices at the end of this episode - can't wait!

On the sailboat Ben takes some time to get to know Michelle, who seems smitten with him. Ben wishes he could put the two girls into one to have the best of both worlds. Jenny keeps saying how hard they have worked to form connection, but I don't know if it should be that hard work.... Ben seems to liek them both an d flip flops all day.

Chase and Summer are flirty and chatty also. They seem to get to know each other better.

Jenna starts to get to know other men after sensing Chase isn't into her. Ryan and her hit it off... maybe a swaparoo?

Jason gets to know Vanessa better, I am wondering what tattoo Jason has that has to be blurred on tv?

Jesse lets Tara know he is interested in Ali and gives her the heads up so she can find someone else. Tara is pissed.


1 - Ben chooses Michelle, poor Jenny.
2 - Ken chooses Yanina of course, Lindsay goes to unmatched area.
3 - Ryan chooses Natalie, he and Summer both feel like they are just friends.
4 - Jason chooses Vanessa, poor Cina, who agrees there is no connection with Jason.
5 - Chase chooses Ali, Jenna heads to unmatched area.
6 - Jesse chooses Tara, as a thanks for choosing him, though they are clearly not into each other anymore. Melissa heads to unmatched area.

Then round 2 begins...

1 - Ben already had his picking.
2 - Ken keeps Yanina after joking about looking around.
3 - Ryan is attracted to Natalie but wants Jenna instead.
4 - Jason stays with Vanessa.
5 - Chase wants to change things up, he wants Summer.
6 - Jesse is happy with this because he is interested in Ali and chooses her.

So there you have it, new couples, old couples, six couples ready to move on to the next adventure and six women heading home.

What do you think? Enough drama for you?

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