Monday, June 18, 2012

Masterchef - Top 16 Compete

at the largest military base the chefs are told that 201 marines will arrive to eat. They are doing a team challenge using portable kitchens, and so the show begins.....


Entree from each team then they line up behind their favourite team's entree

Frank & David are team camptains...

Frank (Blue) - Felix, Scott, Stacey, Tally, Tonya, Mike, Christine.

David (Red)- Becky, Josh, Mike, Helene, Ryan, Anna, Monty.

Interesting men all chosen first, blind gal chosen last. Ah well - it is what it is.

The rules:
-One entree
-Must contain: one protein, one starch, one vegetable
-feed 201 marines
-2 hours

Frank sticks with his Italian roots and wants a pasta - Chambota?!!?

David chooses BBQ porkchops.

Judges fear the cooking during serving time with pork chops may be a problem, while they fear the pasta dish may be too unfamiliar to the marines.

Red struggles to get organized and start, while the Blue team is having a tough time on the grill throwing unseasoned veggies to dry out and burn.

The marines arrive and the red teams pork is undercooked, while the blue team seems ready to roll but is worried they do not have enough.

Red - BBQ porkchops, cheesey potatoes and cole slaw.
Blue - Grilled Chicken with pasta salad.

Christine is serving chicken breasts, which is awkward for her but I feel like the blue team is looking for a sympathy vote having the blind gal serve.

Red runs low on food that is cooked and ready - potatoes gone... so they are serving only cole slaw - uh oh!

Blue then runs low on pasta.

Judges look around and discover a raw pork chop. Red Team is in shit. Ramsay (as we know from Hells Kitchen) does NOT accept raw food! They do some preliminary votes and of course the editing shows us only about even.

Both teams keep pushing hard but Red team is still trying to get meat cooked and Becky and Monty step up to take over and get things happening as David stands unsure what to do. Blue is trying to finish the pasta so they have enough for everyone.

In the end the men are fed and it is time to vote. Ryan jokes the red women need to show their breasts - Monty is pissed.

The lines look fairly even so they do a count....

Red Team wins! By 16 votes!

Blue enters a pressure test, Red Team is safe.

Pressure Test

One gets a pass this round, the team captain chooses Felix to be safe because she had recommended chicken and macaroni. She wants to stay and cook, so he chooses Scott who wants to cook. Frank chooses Stacey and she takes the pass while bawling.

The test: apple pie

They will be judged on the filling, crust and overall technique.

Some are worried, some are confident.

The judges discuss the technique and details that must be paid attention to from pastry to apples to temperatures to flavouring.

Many chefs do not have their pies in with only 30 minutes to go....

-Frank - delicious, flaky crust, melt in your mouth apples
-Tanya - firm apples, odd flavour and texture
-Tali - good
-Felix - visually great,
-Mike - he put cheese on his, a strange move, additionally it was soggy with juices
-Scott - looks bad, but the taste is good. Bad pastry, good filling, so not the worst
-Christine - although she is feeling discouraged, Ramsay compliments her skill and tells her to stop feeling upset for herself and believe in herself more! She has a flaky crust, no soggy no liquid (he scrapes it so she can hear it) she is crying, and he lifts a beautiful wedge of pie that tastes amazing.

Tanya, Scott, Mike are bottom three.

Not surprisingly cheeseman Michael is sent home.

Tomorrow night there is more and some drama too.... can't wait!

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